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Thanks to Ogury Personified Targeting we were able to reach and engage the audiences we were looking for. It’s incredible how Ogury’s Post-campaign Persona and Ogury Creative Choice Report revealed our ideal target audiences’ interests. This will most certainly be helpful for our future strategies..”

One of the largest spirits companies in the world, highly regarded for its white rum offerings, wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of its campaigns in Spain during the Christmas time.
The brand evaluated the performance of three different products characterised by different audiences. To uncover these insights and engage its target audience with innovative fully on screen formats, the brand and its media agency chose to leverage Ogury Personified Advertising Engine


Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. With so much competition on the market, brands need to engage their audiences more than ever. In collaboration with its media agency, the spirits company set out to understand their audience’s preferences between its three most recognised products.


Ogury Personified Advertising Engine enabled the brand and the agency to understand their key audiences in Spain according to the different spirit they promoted during Christmas. They were successfully able to assess the audiences’ interest in spirits, and engage them with the right creative in a data-safe environment. Ogury delivered 3 campaigns, one per each product engaging and reaching the ideal audience on a large scale on mobile. This was possible thanks to Personified Targeting and Ogury’s proprietary fully-on screen format, Brand Exclusive Video Chooser. BEVC enables users to choose the ads they want to interact with, while maximizing video engagement and driving memorability. This self-targeting experience helped boost memorability and enabled the brand to understand which ad had the most traction among its target audience.


Ogury Personified Targeting made this campaign a success. The brand was able to reach its ideal audience in a fraud-free environment with less than 0.5% invalid traffic. The campaign achieved exceptional results, with an average VTR of 91.4% and 97.5% viewability (IAS standard), exceeding the market average of 62.2%. Ogury’s technology drove considerable awareness among its target audience. The post-campaign persona revealed the real audience interests and demographics, while Creative Choice Report, which understands the creative choices, engagement rate and memorability of video ads within Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser revealed the most clicked ad. These insights are a valuable resource for the brand and its future targeting strategies.

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