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Publishers are always looking for tech partners to monetize their content and serve quality ads that align with users’ interests. However, mobile ad formats are typically modeled on desktop version, which are not designed or optimized for the mobile experience. Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad, the world’s first non full-screen format specifically built for mobile, offers publishers a different solution.


Italian publisher TuttoMedia was looking for a new ad format to enrich its offer and increase revenue and business performance, while providing a great user experience that matched perfectly with the way users interact on their smartphones.


TuttoMedia was one of the first publisher partners to test Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad on Android and iOS in May 2020. Both the company and users soon reported very positive feedback. As the world’s first non-full screen format built specifically for the mobile environment, Thumbnail Ad offered a non-intrusive, user-friendly experience. The picture in picture unit appears while allowing users to continue to consume content. In line with functionality that users are now familiar with, they can drag, expand or skip this discreet ad format.


Ogury’s solution enabled TuttoMedia to access the highest CPMs in the market. Thumbnail Ad opened a new revenue stream for Tuttomedia and increased user retention. Combining Ogury’s interstitials, small banners and Thumbnail Ad formats, TuttoMedia was able to achieve over 80% of incremental revenue*.

*considering the revenue from interstitial banners and Thumbnail Ad, compared to the revenue generated by interstitial banners only.

“Thumbnail Ad offers our users an ad experience built specifically for the environment that they’re in. Thumbnail Ad offers high engagement and complete viewability, so we are able to attract top CPMs from the premium brands our users want to see.”

Nicola Canella
Owner, Tuttomedia

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