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Mobile customization content platform Zedge faced a problem that will be familiar to many publishers; how to increase overall monetization yield without compromising users’ in-app experience? Ogury Intelligent Monetization delivered just that, with high CPM returns and reduced dependency on direct response and performance-based advertisers, all while delivering campaigns from premium brands that resulted in a high-quality user experience.


Zedge is a mobile content discovery platform and community that offers wallpapers, ringtones, alert tones, and app icons to customize smartphones and other mobile devices. The platform has more than 170 million installs across Android and iOS. At the beginning of 2017, Zedge sought to increase overall yield from monetization without compromising the in-app experience of its users. Previously, the company had relied mostly on direct response and performance-based advertisers, and had some resulting concerns over the quality of ads being served.


Ogury Intelligent Monetization uses a purpose-built AI-powered Revenue Optimization Engine to identify ideal users for world-renowned brands and provide a premium CPM up to six times higher than the industry average. After displaying a clear consent notice to every user, Ogury is able to collect signals from their mobile devices, and transform these signals into meaningful data which maps their mobile journey, across all apps and websites. The unique mobile user journey data that powers Intelligent Monetization converts bulks of impressions into individually targeted mobile user profiles, enabling Zedge to serve ads from these premium brands. This turns previously irrelevant marketing into personalized recommendations for Zedge’s users, who are additionally given the opportunity to opt-out directly from every ad served.


Since working with Ogury Intelligent Monetization, Zedge has seen significant results. In tier 1, English Speaking countries, on full-screen ad engagements, Ogury held 42% share of wallet. Along with a 73% acceptance rate of Ogury’s consent notice, feedback from users to Ogury’s full-screen format has been positive, with any concerns over ad quality now a thing of the past.

“For almost 2 years, Ogury has been a solid brand marketing partner for Zedge. Our Users have high adoption of Ogury’s consent notice, and we continue to watch performance grow. In a crowded market, Ogury has a unique product offering generating true top-line incremental revenue for Zedge.”

Dee Ann Belsky, Sr. Director, Ad Ops & Analytics, Zedge

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