DMEXCO 2020: Should we still be talking Mobile-First?

September 23, 2020

Jan Heumueller, Managing Director DACH at Ogury will join the MMA EMEA for a panel discussion on Wednesday 23 September at 2.10pm to discuss best practices for Mobile-Centric Marketing.

We know that discussions continue about whether mobile is a channel or, well just mobile. It’s clear some marketers have moved to a mobile-first strategy given that’s where they’ll find their customers.
But even so, with the pace of change and speed to market (or lack of), we believe that there’s a need to understand how mobile mature your business is. 
Be it your product (your website and/or app), your marketing, how you measure effectiveness and how you’re organised. These create new challenges and the need for new metrics. 
In this masterclass our assembled industry leaders will outline these challenges and offer best practices to help you grow your business.

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