EBG Digital Benchmark Brussels 2022

EBG Digital Benchmark Brussels 2022

September 27 - 28, 2022

Ogury will be participating in the upcoming EBG Digital Benchmark Brussels 2022 on Tuesday 27 – Wednesday 28 September in Brussels. The aim of the event is to assist decision-makers, marketers, and companies in their MarTech projects.

On Wednesday 28th September, we will present a keynote about how our unique technology, Personified Advertising allows marketers to deliver digital campaigns to individuals, based on in-depth knowledge of personas, and NOT personal identities.

Why? Because the days of relying on personal data are over: 

  • Consumers reject online tracking for advertising purposes;
  • Regulators’ mission is accelerating;
  • Identifiers and cookies are doomed.

As we witness a transformational change in the AdTech ecosystem, not all the forces at play will survive. To thrive, we must remember what advertising is about: providing a meaningful experience and lasting impression on consumers. 

How do we unite the art of Advertising with our hyper-digital future, while respecting consumers’ privacy?

If you are attending the EBG Digital Benchmark this year and would like a personalized presentation of our solution for brands, send us an email at hello@ogury.co.