Ogury Foro Publicidad Programática

Foro Publicidad Programática

March 19, 2019

La Publicidad celebrated, with a great success of attendance, the V Forum of Programmatic Advertising in Madrid. More than 800 people filled the auditorium to learn about the latest programming news from the best professionals. The event also had a great follow-up on social networks, and the hashtag #ForoProgramática was trending throughout the morning placing itself in the second position.

The forum was divided into three parts. The first one focused on putting on the table all the challenges of the future that companies are working on. Then came perhaps the most technical part of the event with the development of new platforms that are being made in the market. Closing the round of talks came the block of the long-awaited CASES STUDIES, which intervened: Infinia, Carat, IAS, Ogury, Havas Group and Xaxis.

Antonio Pajón Gómez, Head of Programmatic, spoke about how engaging with ideal audiences based on true behaviors and interests, reaps unmatched ROI.

Have a question for Antonio? Reach out to him here.