MAD//Anywhere Virtual Conference 2020

November 11, 2020

Ogury will join MAD//Anywhere on November, 11th and 12th, 2020.

Tired of the onslaught of virtual events that are not only long and scripted but also not thought provoking? Cue in our event partner, MAD//Anywhere, UK’s biggest marketing and technology virtual conference who are introducing a new format: the 5 min presentation, and Q&A.

With speakers as illustrious as Sir Martin Sorrell, Rory Sutherland and other leaders and marketing pioneers from top tier brands like Vodafone, KFC and Patagonia, you are bound to feel inspired for the year ahead.

Mark your calendars on for two key Ogury sessions:

“Not the same old: the real mobile opportunity” – 11th November at 10.47-10:57m

How has user behaviour changed in 2020? And how advertisers leverage mobile to adapt their branding strategy to stay relevant.

  • Charlotte Diemer, Global Head of Insights at Ogury
  • Liam Brennan, Global Director of Innovation at Mediacom

“Digital advertising: the liberating truths” – 12th November at 11.22-11:29am

Elie Kanaan (CMO at Ogury) will reveal the liberating truths of digital advertising: why advertisers must focus their strategy and efforts on building user trust and making a positive impact to their brand?

For more information on the event’s agenda, click here.