MAD//Fest 2022

July 5 - 7, 2022

Marketing, Advertising, Disruption. 

Ogury will be at MAD//Fest on July 5th – 7th  at the Old Truman Brewery, London.

In and amongst brands such as Boots, Burberry and Deliveroo, Ogury will be celebrating the 2022 theme: ‘No Guts, No Glory’.

To do this, Ogury’s own UK Country Director, Ossie Bayram, will be hosting a keynote session titled: Personification, Not Personalization 

About the session:

Personified Advertising allows marketers to deliver digital campaigns to individuals based on an in-depth knowledge of personas, NOT personal identity

Why? Because the days of relying on personal data are over: 

  • Consumers reject online tracking for advertising purposes;
  • Regulators’ mission is accelerating;
  • Identifiers and cookies are doomed.

As we witness a transformational change of the AdTech ecosystem, not all the forces at play will survive. To thrive, we must remember what advertising is about: providing a meaningful experience and lasting impression on consumers. 

How do we unite the art of Advertising with our hyper-digital future, while respecting consumers’ privacy? 

Come along and find out at the Hexagon Stage, MAD//Fest, Day 3 @ 11.45am.

View the full MAD//Fest agenda here

Not only are we speakers at the event, as official sponsors, the Ogury cabana entertainment this year will include a smoothie bike and a free phone charging stand. So swing by for a recharge or re-fuel as you sip on a smoothie or a cocktail made by yourself in the centre of MAD//Fest main marquee. 

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