The Impact of Online Grocery on the Digital Ecosystem

August 15, 2019

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Last year, US online grocery numbers doubled, with nearly half of all Americans now buying groceries online. As Millennials and GenZ-ers increase in buying power, the number of people doing their grocery shopping online will continue to grow. 

So how can marketers brace for this digital disruption? It begins with understanding your consumer’s mobile user journey beyond your own apps and sites. Understanding this journey is more important than ever, thanks to the emergence of convenience grocery shopping. 

Join our webinar to discover…

  • How to identify the 360 shopper, based on their mobile footprint.
  • How seasonality reveals new opportunities and what this means for holiday shopping.
  • What the competitive landscape looks like amongst the online grocery retailers.

With the second half of the year presenting a huge opportunity for the grocery industry, now is the time to understand the mobile behaviors of your grocery consumers. 

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