Three Conclusions From 287,000 Opinions on Mobile Marketing

July 30, 2019

35 pages of consumer sentiment, distilled in about 35 minutes

Join Ogury’s exclusive webinar to discover key results of “The Reality Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing 2019” on Tuesday July 30th

90% of consumers say that they still find targeted mobile advertising annoying. This is just one finding from the world’s largest consumer research of its kind, released earlier this month.

What else is inside the report, that has already been featured in AdAge, Marketing Week and other top-tier media outlets? Join our webinar to get an exclusive glimpse of the results, summarizing…

  • Why consumers are still in the dark over their data despite GDPR, why this matters, and how to address it;
  • The ways in which consumers prefer to pay to access content, and how to respect their privacy wishes;
  • Despite decades of martech advances, consumers are still left annoyed by the ads they are shown.

As marketers, we put a lot of effort and budget into securing the attention of our consumers on mobile. Now it’s time to get a real understanding of how they feel about your advertising.

Get these exclusive insights and more by watching the webinar replay.