How to Attract Premium Brand Ads in Your Apps: 5 Secrets to Success

November 12, 2019

Premium brand campaigns are the ‘holy grail’ for mobile app publishers. Not only do they pay well, they also boost retention by delivering high-quality ads from brands that your users recognize and love. But how can you effectively attract these premium brands to advertise within your apps? And all while ensuring that your users have explicitly consented to receive such ad experiences? How to monetize your app(s), without alienating, or worse, losing your users?

The answer could be far simpler than you think… Ogury has delivered premium brand ads for publishers since 2014. After more than five years of championing user consent and maximizing returns for app publishers, our experts are ready to share their experience with you. Join us in this #OguryWebinarâ­• where we will reveal 5 key tips you need to secure premium brand campaigns for your apps. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to overcome the main challenges that app publishers face with premium brand advertising
  • Tips for effectively attracting these premium brands to advertise with your apps
  • How to capitalize on consumers’ perceptions of premium brand ads that are tailored to their interests
  • Why collecting user consent is paramount… and not just for the sake of compliance!

Don’t miss out! Register today to learn how to engage users who have made an informed choice with premium brand advertising. This #OguryWebinar originally aired on Tuesday, November 12th 2019, at 10:00 AM (CET)

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