How to reach, engage and convert B2B decision makers through mobile

April 30, 2019

Based On A Fact.

Fact #1: The Cost of Acquisition in the B2B sector is much higher than B2C. As such, when and where you spend your marketing budget is vital in order to reach your target clients.

Fact #2: There are 7.7 bn people on Earth – and 4.7 billion have a mobile device, including B2B decision makers. The average person spends five hours per day on their phone, and 81% have their mobile within arm’s reach every minute of the day.

Fact #3: Mobile is not optional in your quest to reach B2B decision makers; it should be the top priority channel.

Fact #4: In a world of sensory overload in which thousands of marketing messages are served every day, getting your message in front of the ultimate buyer is no simple task. Understanding who they are and what their mobile journeys look like is key to identifying and attracting them effectively.

What You Will Learn With This Webinar.

1. Not all B2B decision makers fit the same mould: how to identify the key B2B decision makers in your vertical based on their observed behaviour.

2. The B2B decision makers’ mobile journey reveals behaviors, passion points, and affinities: how to discover and attract new enterprise audiences via insights drawn from complete mobile user journeys.

3. B2B decision makers can be reached, engaged, and converted through mobile if you are able to activate the insights: how to go beyond simple demographics to inform media recommendations that get results.