Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Ogury different?

Ogury is a technology company with a new and different approach to marketing.

In 2014, we recognized the opacity and the deception built in the digital marketing ecosystem, which has been causing serious user mistrust and deep frustration from brands and publishers. We also realized that organizations are missing the understanding of users’ mobile journeys, beyond their own apps and websites.

So, we founded Ogury with the ambition to reinvent digital marketing and make it understood, trusted and valued by both users and organizations.

To fulfill that mission, we created the first marketing engine driven by user choice, fueled by a unique understanding of the mobile journey, and powered by purpose-built intelligent technology.

Ogury provides a new and different approach to marketing, based on state-of-the-art intelligent technology.

1. We systematically give users clear options, control over their data and respect the choices they make throughout their mobile journey.

2. We generate first-party consented mobile user journey data across brands, apps and websites. This data provides us with a unique and reliable understanding of the mobile user journey that helps inform our customers’ marketing strategy.

3. We built our activation algorithms and ad formats, underlying our marketing solutions, purposely to take full advantage of our unique data.

Ogury’s approach provides clarity and a deeper understanding of the complex digital ecosystem, builds a stronger trust among its constituents, and develops an appreciation of the value marketing can deliver to users, brands and publishers simultaneously.

Ogury Marketing Engine integrates the intelligent technology and marketing solutions to bring this approach to life for our customers. It delivers unmatched levels of sustained user engagement and ad revenue to brands and publishers around the globe.

2. How does Ogury get its data?

Ogury Marketing Engine collects raw data signals from mobile devices. These signals are interpreted via a purpose-built Data Generation Engine to transform them into meaningful mobile user journey data.

In all of the partner apps that we work with, Ogury shows a GDPR and CPPA compliant consent notice to every user before collecting any signals. The consent notice is the first thing that we show to a new user before any campaigns are delivered. It details in clear, simple terms what data signals will be collected and how these will be used. It provides users with a fair choice over their data and marketing experience:

1. Pay with money to access content in a marketing free and data collection free environment

2. Don’t pay with money but accept anonymous data to be collected and used, to receive personalized marketing.

3. Don’t pay with money but opt-out from sharing data and therefore receive a lot of irrelevant ads

No data is collected or used unless users have explicitly opted-in to the collection and usage of their data signals by Ogury and its partners giving them full control and transparency over their data. Should a user change their mind at any point, the option to opt-out of data signal collection is presented in every campaign that we serve.

3. Is data generated anonymously?

We receive consent from users for the raw data signals we collect. These signals used to generate data are linked to individual Android Advertising IDs or ID for ads, which are anonymous.

For more on Ogury data generation, please consult our privacy policy.

4. What data does Ogury have?

Ogury's marketing data is unique in depth, recency, and accuracy and not available anywhere else. Based on the raw consented signals collected, we generate first-party behavioral data that incorporates all apps installed, usage of these apps, and websites browsed. The context data is also made visible, based on device type, ISP, and connection type.

For more detail on Ogury marketing data, please consult our privacy policy.

5. Do you use location data?

Ogury only uses geolocation based on IP addresses to identify countries, regions, and cities.

6. Is Ogury GDPR compliant?

Ogury is GDPR compliant by design, and CCPA ready.

Since its establishment in 2014, long before GDPR became the central talking point around user privacy, Ogury has been an early adopter of user-consented data collection and usage. Ogury’s operating standards align with those of GDPR, including lawfulness, fairness, transparency, accountability, and accuracy, both in law and principle.

For more on Ogury and GDPR, consult our GDPR perspective page, as well as our privacy policy.

7. How does Ogury obtain consent to data signal collection and usage?

Ogury shows a consent notice in partner apps to each user before collecting any data signals. Users are given full control in complete transparency over this process and must opt-in to our data signal collection in return for personalized marketing. Ogury additionally gives users a straightforward method to opt-out of data signal collection if they wish. If users do choose to opt-out of sharing their raw signals, Ogury collects nothing.

Our consent notice details what we collect and the ways in which it is used in short and clear text. It is a simple and explicit way to consent to signal collection or to decline. The consent notice is the first thing we show to a new user before we serve any messages.

8. How can users change their data opt-in status?

Should a user change their mind, there are three possible routes to opt-out of Ogury’s customized marketing and data signal collection:

• Via the clear opt-out link presented on every campaign delivered by Ogury.

• Switch on the ‘Opt-out of interest-based ads’ or ‘Opt-out of ads personalization’ checkbox in their phone settings.

• Send an email to privacy@ogury.com to request an opt-out.

9. How is Ogury’s data used?

Ogury's marketing data is used in three distinct proprietary products: Active Insights, User Engagement, and Intelligent Monetization. Ogury's data cannot be accessed through any other methods.

10. How can Ogury's performance be measured?

Ogury works with a variety of different tracking and measurement partners, including MOAT, IAS, Adjust, DoubleVerify, Medialets, and many more. If your preferred tracking partner is not listed, please speak to one of our representatives. Our tracking capability is continuously updated to ensure exceptional delivery quality for our clients and partners.

11. Do you work with iOS?

Yes. Ogury’s technology enables us to gather consent and serve marketing messages on both iOS and Android devices. For more information on how Ogury operates across iOS and Android, please contact us directly to speak to a team member wherever you are - hello@ogury.com

12. How does Ogury manage brand safety?

Ogury’s brand safety policy can be found here.