Toxic Data: any data collected or used without explicit consumer consent.

Are you collecting or unknowingly using toxic data?

Consumers expect choice and control over
their data and ad experience.

Make sure your ad technology
on: Safe Data.

Are you certain that
all the advertising data
you use is consented
and reliable?

Have consumers explicitly chosen to
share their data and see your ads?
Can you unequivocally trace the origin
of consumer consent?
In the wake of a trusted digital
economy, having answers to these
questions is mandatory.

Ogury has created the first advertising
engine driven by user choice.

The Old Way
The Ogury Way
No choice
Users are tracked, their data is
collected and used, unknowingly
Respected Choice
Users are given clear and fair
choices over their data and digital ads
Users are targeted based on unreliable and toxic data, with intrusive ads
Users are attracted based on reliable and consented data, with useful ads
Drive hard for short term gains
jeopardizing user trust
Foster mutual value exchange and build long term user trust

Obtain and manage user choices.

Ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA
by directly and systematically collecting and managing
user consent. Give users clear options about sharing data, receiving ads or simply paying a fair price to access content with no data collection and no ads.

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Explore precious visual insights.

Sharpen your marketing strategy with actionable
insights distilled from unique data covering 400m
consented users. Fuel your media activation
with reliable intelligence on mobile user behaviors,
custom personas and market dynamics.

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Serve highly relevant ads with engaging formats.

Attract ideal mobile users who have a high affinity
to your brand, and have chosen to see ads.
Achieve unmatched levels of sustained user engagement,
in a fraud-free, brand-safe, and data-safe environment.

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Monetize mobile assets with
top brand demand.

Increase ad revenue by serving ads from
premium brands that appeal to your users
interests and marketing choices.

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Brands witnessing the results
of choice driven digital advertising.

"1 million+ completed video views from consented users and 7x higher engagement than industry average."

Jorma Kremser, Global Media Manager


"Campaign after campaign, Daimler continues to choose Ogury for its ability to pinpoint our required targets with maniacal and punctual precision."

Francesca Tedde, Digital Director, AMQ


"We generated 81% engagement, insights on user behavior and highest quality brand awareness."

Alicia Castellana, Digital Media Senior Manager EMEA


Publishers enjoying the rewards
of choice driven digital advertising.

"Our users have a 73% adoption of Ogury’s Choice Manager, and we continue to watch top-line incremental revenue grow."

Dee Ann Belsky, Sr. Director, Ad Ops & Analytics


"3x increase in daily ad revenue! Working with Ogury has revolutionized how we monetize our mobile assets."

Hadrian des Rotours, CEO


"Ogury has enabled us to increase revenue, and provide our users with control over their data."

Dave Macil, Founder


The world is turning to choice
driven digital advertising.


already choose Ogury.

All we are saying is give
choice a chance.