Company Description 

Founded in 2014, Ogury provides the most advanced Mobile Journey Marketing solution, where organizations can access the integrated data and technologies necessary to understand the entire mobile user journey, and market across it. In full compliance with the most stringent laws protecting users, brands, and publishers, and with a sharp focus on operational simplicity, Ogury's MJM solution delivers unmatched user engagement and mobile asset revenue to 900 brands and 3500 publishers across the globe. Join us today and take part in the creation of a ‘unicorn’ with the ambition to simplify and give transparency to the relationship between brands, publishers, and mobile users. By joining Ogury, you will be working with a smart, talented, and dynamic group of people who encourage every member of the team to achieve their maximum potential. Here is the infrastructure we use:
  • AWS on several regions, AWS components (ELB / ALB, EC2, Dynamodb, ElasticCache, Lambda, R53, RDS, S3, CloudFormation, CloudWatch) and Chef.
  • Docker for microservices, Kubernetes already in production with a full migration on the way
  • Data processing with Datapipeline, Airflow, EMR, Hive, Spark
  • Datalake with S3 and Redshift
  • Observability with Prometheus (+Thanos), Graphite, Grafana and Pagerduty for on-call
  • We manage ourselves Kafka (+Zookeeper) and ELK clusters

What you'll do:

  • You will work in collaboration with the development teams (Paris, Strasbourg, Belgrade) to define and validate the technical architecture, the scalability and the deployment of the applications
  • You will secure the platform (VPC, IAM, audit etc.)
  • You will manage the platform of continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • You will maintain in operational condition the whole platform
  • You will take part in the on-call rotations

Who you are:

  • You are proven DevOps Engineer or a Senior Developer wishing to grow as a DevOps
  • You preferably have a University degree in Computer Sciences or software engineering related field
  • You are fluent in English

What you will need:

  • If you are already a DevOps, we prefer you to have 4+ years of infrastructure experience and 2+ years of AWS experience
  • If you are a Senior Developer, we prefer you to have demonstrable knowledge of Unix, experience in shell scripting and/or Python/Ruby, working with Docker and CI systems
  • AWS or Kubernetes certification would be a plus
To apply for this interesting opportunity, please send your resume to