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In a mobile world, every organization should be able to answer the following questions:


Is all the user data you handle and use, fully compliant with all privacy laws?


What competitors are your users engaging with, before or after yourselves?


What users should you attract, with what content, to drive the highest engagement and return on digital investments?


How do you optimize revenue generation from apps and websites, without alienating users?

However, there are three major obstacles that stand in the way.


The mobile journey data gap

Organizations only see the mobile user journey inside their own apps, websites and ecosystem. For the vast majority of organizations, more than 99% of the mobile user journey is unseen. To inform an effective mobile strategy, optimize execution and business results, this gap needs to be closed.


Complex and poorly integrated marketing technologies

Organizations juggle many business priorities. To address them all, it’s necessary to implement an integrated consent, data, insights and activation solution. This requires bringing together multiple siloed products and disparate data sets. But it’s a complicated, expensive and labor intensive task, resulting in unavoidable compromises.


Providing data transparency and control to consumers

Today, privacy laws such as GDPR dictate that organizations must legally provide users with control over their personal data. Consent is mandatory. Despite this, consumers still don’t get full transparency or control, often served ambiguous or forced opt-in notices, or targeted without consent. This provokes increasing mistrust over the ways in which their data is used.

Welcome to Mobile Journey Marketing

Mobile Journey Marketing (MJM) is the only marketing discipline designed to remove these obstacles. It enables organizations to understand the mobile user journey, and to market across it.

MJM is founded on three key pillars that move mobile marketing to a new era of business effectiveness, operational simplicity, and data transparency.

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“Ogury powers our mobile media strategies and turbocharges campaign performance by providing a clear line of sight into our ideal users' mobile journeys and direct access to premium, in-app environments. This ensures our messages reach relevant users at the most opportune times.”

Phil Sloan

SVP Business Lead, Canvas Worldwide

Ogury MJM Cloud has been designed to fulfill the MJM vision


It is established on an unwavering commitment to transparency, brought about by explicit and unambiguous user consent; from opting-in, to exercising their right to be forgotten.


It draws its effectiveness from high-quality, first party data, that maps the mobile user journey of 400M+ consented user profiles, and fuels its purpose-built AI technology.


Providing simplicity to organizations by breaking down existing silos, and integrating data and technology in one place. Using AI to remove unnecessary and tedious human labor.

Mobile is moving fast, so should you.

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