Unparalleled personification data at scale.

Best-in-class contextual and semantic, augmented with unique mobile audience data, validated and enriched with exclusive survey answers, and ad choices and interactions at scale.

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Future-proof, cookie-less and ID-less
data at scale.

Ogury augments best-in-class contextual
and semantic data, with our powerful
and unique audience data at scale.

Ogury’s audience data gives a deep
understanding of publishers’ audiences
behaviors and accurate insights into
their interests. It is founded on six years
of unique proprietary mobile journey
data and continually validated and
enriched with:

  • Self-declared audience data from survey
    responses at scale.
  • Self-targeting audience data from user ad
    choices and interactions.

This integrated dataset uniquely qualifies the
audiences of millions of apps and web pages.
It is not linked to the user and, as such,
ensures complete consumer privacy and data


Personification data


Contextual and semantic data