App Insights: Uncovered (Q2 2019)

Aug 14, 2019

Cymone Thomas

Understanding your user’s mobile journey has never been more important. When it comes to mobile app behavior, mobile journey data uncovers unique category insights that both brands and publishers can leverage to make more informed decisions.

In our latest eBook, App Insights: Uncovered, Ogury reveals insights on ten apps per month, across a specific vertical. 

Edition 2, analyzes the performance of apps in Q2 2019, and includes the following information:

  • The Adoption of Banking Apps: Mobile is driving substantial change in the way people interact with the banking industry. Customers no longer need to enter a branch and speak with a teller. Communicating with a bank lays in the palm of our hands, and insights reveals that a mobile-first customer demands a mobile-first banking experience.
  • The Impact of Grocery Apps: Challenged by the rise of new, convenient pickup and delivery options, players in the grocery industry are under greater pressure to meet the fast-paced, digital and mobile-first lifestyles of their consumers. Thanks to digital ordering, this is now possible. Buying groceries is just a tap away. Grocery app insights reveals how the digital disruption of mobile is shifting shopper behaviors.
  • The Evolution of Airline Apps: Thanks to the connectivity of mobile, travelers can be off the grid without being out of pocket. In fact, people spend more of their vacation time on their phones than relaxing in the pool. Ogury data reveals what these mobile behaviors look like, and how marketers and publishers can navigate their travelers’ journeys based on these app insights trends.

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