Mobile Traffic Control - The top 10 airlines for mobile engagement

Sep 27, 2017

Vanessa Gentile

With smartphone adoption in the UK continually on the rise (reaching an all time high of 85% this year), the kind of everyday processes and functions that were previously limited to personal computers are now increasingly being carried out on mobile. Travel is no exception, and it should come as no surprise that more people than ever are researching their plans through their mobile devices.

As part of a wider global trend affecting flights and package holidays, last year saw a 50% increase in travel bookings through mobile in the UK alone. The metrics typically used to crown the most popular airlines are usually somewhat static, focusing on the number passengers served, destinations, fare prices, and revenue. But in this day and age, as these aforementioned mobile numbers continue to climb, should measuring the engagement of mobile audiences now also be an essential yardstick for air carriers?

We decided to take a closer look at which airlines are currently leading the pack by building out a top ten list of operators by mobile engagement. To better reflect the wide variety of costs, destinations, and passenger preferences associated with air travel, we split the pack into two distinct lists; one for premium carriers and another for low-cost airlines. Our data team analyzed the behavior of UK air travelers (from a sample of over 98,000) over the six months between January and June 2017, taking in criteria such as unique visitors, app downloads, top referrers, and pages visited per session. A few pull out headlines from our findings:

  • British Airways currently leads the mobile market share of British users, with almost twice as much (57.09%) as its nearest rival, Emirates (28.95%).
  • Ryanair claimed the most app downloads for the period (31.3%) with easyJet close behind (26.7%).
  • Those positions were flipped for mobile web visits, with easyJet claiming 32.71% and Ryanair 28.43%.

Generating this kind of first-party data has allowed us to run a number of successful targeting campaigns for some of the world’s major airlines, including the likes of easyJet, Air France, and Cathay Pacific. But air travel is just one of countless verticals we work with. How could we apply our targeting to discover your perfect audience? Drop us a line, let’s find out.