The Ogury USA Mobile Connection Study

Feb 16, 2017

Vanessa Gentile

Nearly a decade after the set of requirements that would denote 4G standards were codified, the current world’s fastest mobile connection is now the most widely used in the USA. Providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T Mobile offer a range of different packages to consumers at a variety of price points, although recent studies have shown that not all connection speeds are created equal.

In January 2017, we studied the activity of more than four million user profiles across all US states to find out the rate of connections through 4G as well as WiFi. Our results painted a revealing picture of how people in the USA connect to the mobile web in different ways.

Colorado the 4G Capital

The ‘Centennial State’ of Colorado boasted the most connections to 4G, with 62.2% of all profiles opting for that connection type during the study period. Maryland followed with 54.6%, only just beating Georgia which registered 54.5% of users making a 4G connection at least once at some point during the day. However, a number of states are still holding out, with the lowest pick up coming via Vermont posting just 16.31%. This is in stark contrast to neighboring Massachusetts (51.72%), reflecting a wider trend of more rural states preferring WiFi to connect to the web on mobile devices. 18.6% of users in West Virginia and 20.2% of those in Maine also opted to forego 4G in favor of WiFi.

USA No.1 for 4G

As our study was concurrently carried out on a global scale, our findings showed that mobile users in the USA were more likely to connect via 4G than any other country. 46.1% of all connections in the US were made through the protocol, compared to 30.1% of those made in France, and 20.5% in Spain. Your target market’s preferred connection type could potentially have implications for your mobile media campaigns. When opting for video ads which can require more data transfer, it might prove to be vital intel. How customers choose to connect is of course just one feature of your ideal user’s profile, but it’s certainly something to bear in mind before committing to a strategy, whether in the USA or anywhere else.