Top Trending Apps: Uncovered

Jun 06, 2019

Vanessa Gentile

As digital behavior continues to shift to mobile, it is now more important than ever to understand the user’s mobile journey. When it comes to mobile app behavior, you may think you know where users spend their time. Think again.

App behavior varies by month, by vertical, and by user. In our latest eBook, Top Trending Apps: Uncovered, Ogury reveals insights on the top ten trending apps per month, across a specific vertical. These top ten lists represent the apps with the greatest change in rank across a particular month, uncovering unique category insights that both brands and publishers can leverage to make more informed decisions.

Edition 1, analyzes the performance of apps in Q4 2018, and includes the following information:

  • The Next Generation of Retail Apps: One insight uncovered in the first section is the increased engagement with bargain hunting apps such as Wish. Based on the top ten trending apps in this category, Wish users spent the longest amount of time in the app. However, although users spent more time in the Wish app, it doesn’t mean they use the app frequently. Download the eBook to discover which shopping apps are gaining momentum and why.
  • The Rise of Discount Shopping Apps: This top ten trending list reveals that users are hungry for discounts and will spend time browsing for the best bargains. Ogury mobile journey data reveals that users engage with marketplace apps that connect local buyers and sellers, including Bidderlo Auctions and deal – Sell, Buy, Trade. Download our eBook to learn where else bargain hunters and holiday shoppers turn to bag a deal.
  • The Changing Landscape of Online Travel Bookings: The third section of the eBook reveals that Hopper possession growth increases in December, with over four times greater growth than the watchlist average. In addition to possession growth, Hopper also leads the pack in terms of sessions per user, but falls behind in time per session. Download the eBook to reveal the nuances between different travel booking apps.

Want to discover which apps made the top ten trending lists last Q4? Get the full eBook here.