Ogury Active Insights

Powerful visual insights on audiences of millions of apps and websites.

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Powerful visual insights.

Ogury’s unparalleled personification dataset, brought to life
and made directly actionable to you at every moment of
your advertising campaign.

Custom audience qualification survey

Sharpen audience understanding and reach by asking your own custom question to qualify bespoke audiences.

Survey results directly feed
pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting.


Easily and flexibly define the audience you want to understand and reach on mobile. Uncover the demographic breakdown and discriminant interests of your audience. Directly activate insights for precise audience reach.


Don’t have a clearly defined target audience in mind? Access a catalogue of vertical and demographic insights, proven to deliver results and ready to be activated.


Uncover the demographics and interests of the audience that engaged most with your campaign. Unique insights to inform future strategy for sustained audience engagement.


Ascertain if the audience who interacted with a campaign paid real attention with Ad Recall measurement provided as standard. Prove your campaign strategy worked.

choice report

Understand the creative choices, engagement rate and memorability of your video ads within Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser. Insights that can be used to inform creative decisions for larger video campaigns.