Ogury Choice Manager

Consent and preference management,
optimized for advertising results.

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Compliance is a global
and complex challenge.
The data you collect and use for advertising,
needs to comply with privacy regulations such
as GDPR and CCPA.
But regulations are constantly evolving, getting
stricter, and new ones are being introduced
across the globe.
It's a legal necessity and an operational
nightmare. How can you balance compliance,
user trust and business growth?
The answer is simple:
Ogury Choice Manager

Trusted and
traceable consent,
made simple.

Ogury Choice Manager, a registered IAB
Consent and Preference Management
Platform, handles user consent collection
for all your partners with one simple
integration. It ensures compliance with
global regulations such as GDPR and CCPA,
and provides you with traceable consent.

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Consent and preference management for choice-driven advertising.

Current consent and preference management platforms leave consumers
in the dark. Consent is often forced or ambiguous. Ogury Choice
Manager adopts a different model.

Ogury Choice Manager offers clear, explicit and unequivocal consent notices.

Support with money
Support with ads
(share behavioral data)
Support with ads
(don’t share behavioral data)

Fair Choice demonstrates the value exchange that comes with sharing data, improves consent rates and builds trust.

A global solution for
a global challenge.

Ogury Choice Manager collects consent in over 150 countries. With 24 languages, it ensures clarity for users wherever they are, and whichever device they’re on. It’s available in-app, web and mobile web, with AMP compatibility for the ultimate user experience.

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When given a Fair Choice,
71% of consumers will share certain data*.

You can even leverage Fair Choice to upsell
your premium subscription model.
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*Source: The Reality Report - Download here

The only consent and preference management platform with 5 years proven history

Ogury has been collecting user consent for over 5 years since we first began in 2014.

We use Choice Manager to support our own choice-driven ad business, so we’re in the same boat as you.

Optimize consent rates with Dynamic Creative Optimization.

We know when and how users are most
likely to engage with a consent notice
and use AI to optimize acceptance rate,
ensuring you continue to optimize revenue

Dynamic Creative Optimization serves users
a consent notice with the color and layout
they are most likely to say "yes" to.

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Customize the appearance of your consent notice.

Choice Manager is highly customizable, so you can change the appearance and content to fit your identity. Updates go live in real-time.

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Give users control over their data and
advertising preferences.

Ogury Choice Manager is the only solution
that provides users with the option to
receive an opt-out link via email.

Also, Ogury ads provide users with a clear
and easy way to manage their consent
preferences at the time of receiving an ad.

This removes the usual hassle of digging
into app settings to change consent
preferences. It makes it easy for users to
change their preferences at any time.

Obtain ongoing incremental consent.

Consent and preference management isn’t just about the initial consent. It’s an ongoing process. You add new vendors, vendors make changes, you want to transform partial consent into full consent.

Intelligent incremental consent notices
enable you to ask for consent for new,
changed or unconsented partners only.

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Keep control with a self-service portal.

Customize the appearance and content of your consent notice to fit your identity. All updates go live in real-time.

Customize user experience by selecting your desired interval timeframe for incremental consent notices. Also, select your Fair Choice settings, and add your own data collection purposes.

Keep your eye on what’s working by diving into a detailed view of impressions and user activity via the easy-to-use monitoring dashboard.

Easily prove consent with detailed consent history per user available on request.

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Benefit from a feature rich solution,
built for business.

IAB-registered Consent and Preference Management Platform. GDPR compliant and CCPA-ready.

Minimize user disruption with one consent notice for all partners, beyond the IAB vendor list.

No legal resources required. Turnkey solution for iOS, Android, apps, mobile web, desktop.

Optimize mobile web experience with AMP compatibility.

Provide clarity to users with 24 languages available.

Optimize your configuration with comprehensive A/B testing.

A simple way to balance data
compliance with advertising results

Find out everything you need to know about
Consent and Preference Management, and how it can
help you thrive in a new era of digital advertising