Ogury User Engagement

Mobile branding campaigns, driven by user choice.

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Branding campaigns
could demolish trust
and hurt your brand.
Ad-technology based on consumer data
taken without permission could deliver brand
awareness, but eventually will damage user
trust and expose your brand to legal risks.
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Build your brand and
reputation with data
safe advertising.
Ogury User Engagement builds trust by serving
ads to consumers who made an informed
choice over data sharing and ad preferences.
Your campaigns are activated with safe data.
Your brand is protected from legal, financial and
reputational risk.
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Ogury Formats

For brands that dare to be chosen.

Video Chooser

Video Chooser provides users with a choice
of which ad they want to watch. You only pay
when your ad is selected. And you benefit
from increased ad engagement and ad recall.

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Brand Exclusive
Video Chooser

Buy out all slots with Brand Exclusive Video
and provide users with a choice over
which of your ad experiences they choose.

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Thumbnail Ad

Thumbnail Ad is the world’s first mobile-native,
non full-screen format. A discrete format that's draggable
by the user, and delivers the video performance
you need without requiring a full screen.

Full-screen Video Format

Grab user attention with the most impactful, premium and viewable video format on
mobile. Attractive skins and customization options maximize brand impact.

Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR)

What’s the point in measuring Video Completion Rates on ads that no-one can see?
The only video metric that matters is Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR).

Ogury video ads drive the highest V2CR performance. Stop settling.
Accurately measurable with Open Measurement compliant Inventory.

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Get 7% point increase in Viewable Video
Completion Rate (V2CR) and 300% uplift in ad
recall with Video Chooser formats.

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Brand Spotlight

A rich media display ad that attracts users by
inviting them to interact with your brand. Drive
awareness with attractive lifestyle imagery and
over 6% engagement rate.

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Multi-Format Display

Single format campaigns limit your
opportunity to drive user consideration.
Engage users with your brand message
across their mobile journey with Ogury’s
multi-format display. Whether you’re after
reach or CTR, campaigns are optimised to
meet your goal.

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Execute your ad
campaigns based
on user choice.
70% of users choose to receive ads to access free
content. These ad-tolerant users come in two kinds.
The ones who don’t want to share data, and ones
who accept to share certain data.
For each type of user, Ogury delivers the most useful
ads, based on the data we have. Personified ads
based on context eg. day or night, wifi or 4G. Or
personalized ads based on contextual, behavioral
and demographic data.
The 30% remaining choose to have an ad free, no
data sharing experience and we respect their choice.
Enquire about starting a campaign
Activate via managed
or programmatic.
Access 360‐degree campaign management
from our expert team via Managed Services.
Activate seamlessly with programmatic for
scale and minimal management, ready at your
DSP of choice.
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Brands witnessing the results
of choice-driven advertising.

"1 million+ completed video views from consented users and 7x higher engagement than industry average."

Jorma Kremser, Global Media Manager


"Ogury represents a strategic partner for digital advertising and mobile activation. We reach our ideal audiences and achieve the objectives with creativity."

Matteo Brignoli, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Visa


"Performance-wise, Ogury delivers outstanding results on a regular basis, making it an important pillar in our communication campaign strategy."

Jonathan Angel, Marketing and Communication Director at ASUS


Publishers earn top CPMs and
high fill rates with exclusive
demand from premium brands.

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