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May 31, 2021

Video consumption is increasing rapidly, particularly on mobile. Video is the number one source of information for two-thirds of people around the world, and more than 75% of all video viewing is done on a mobile device. This presents advertisers with an opportunity to connect with consumers in a meaningful way, on their most-used device, via their preferred media method.

The mobile video advertising opportunity will continue growing. The below resources will help you achieve effective and sustainable ad results with your mobile branding campaigns.

Inside the clubhouse: Mobile video advertising

We partnered with the Advertising Club of New York to share tactical suggestions on how advertisers can implement impactful, cost-optimized branding campaigns with mobile video. During this event, our Sales Director, Allison Port lead a conversation with Hotels.com‘s Shannon Haydel, Mastercard‘s Katherine Fowler Ernest and King’s Hawaiian’s Mike Hazelrig all about mobile video advertising.

Watch the replay to learn: 

  • What challenges brand marketers face when it comes to driving long-term campaign performance.
  • How brands lean into their media agencies and ad tech partners for support. 
  • What mobile video trends marketers should watch out for in 2021.

Ogury’s video solution

Too often, advertisers pay for ads that are only partially visible to the consumer, which limits memorability and wastes ad budget. A different branding solution is needed. A solution based on fully visible video formats, designed and built for mobile. Showing your full message, every time. This is exactly what the world’s leading advertisers are receiving from Ogury’s video solution.

Watch this video to learn:

  • How to attract consumers attention in a user-friendly way.
  • Why providing consumers with a choice of which ad to watch drives momorability.
  • Which performance metrics are most important on mobile.

Mobile video playbook

As market stability rises and advertiser confidence continues escalating, for brands to be successful on mobile they will need to leverage effective and sustainable advertising, anchored in consumer privacy protection. To achieve success, brands need to implement a strategic video advertising strategy. 

Download this playbook to learn: 

  • Tactical best practices that should be applied when running mobile video campaigns.
  • How insights should be used to inform brand messaging.
  • How to drive and measure sustainable performance.

Download your copy today