Dating App Study ’19 – How lovers ‘match’ in a mobile-first world

February 14, 2019

Love it or hate it, online dating is no longer the pursuit of those ‘left on the shelf’ – it’s serious business. The industry was worth $3bn in the USA alone last year, with those numbers only set to grow as more and more people opt to find a ‘match’ through the internet. For an estimated 600 million singles now online – expected to rise to 700 million by 2020 – the first port of call is often their mobile.

The number of players in the dating app space continues to grow, drawing from an apparently limitless pool of new ideas. Each new entrant looks to add a unique spin (or gimmick) to the now well established ‘swipe left/right’ formula set by the likes of market leaders such as Tinder. However, not all relationships are built to last, and not all dalliances with dating apps are for the long term.

To find out which players have earned more than just a one night fling with users, we studied the performance of a list of notable names within the world of online dating apps. Our study analyzed the behavior of over 12 million men and women from the USA, UK, France, Italy, and Spain, throughout the three months of October, November, and December of 2018.

Some top line highlights of our results included:

  • The busiest day of the week for usage across the majority of the biggest dating apps was… Monday. Who said the start of the working week had to be depressing?
  • The most active users in both France and Italy belong to Grindr, the self-proclaimed ‘most popular gay mobile app community in the world’.
  • The USA is the ‘land of opportunity’, at least for men looking for a date. 27% of US dating app users are female, the highest amongst the countries studied.
  • By contrast, Italian men have the hardest luck, making up 91% of the dating app users in their native country.

For all of these results and more, get your copy of the free report below.


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