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Engage the future automotive buyer

June 28, 2021

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid shift, driven in part by the consumer.

Consumers have become increasingly focused on not only their own environmental footprint, but also that of the brands they purchase from. This philosophy also applies to the automotive industry.

Changing consumer preferences, governmental incentives and tightening emission rules have caused the manufacture and adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles to gather speed. 

These changes are forcing automakers to shift gears now. Ogury has published “Engage the future automotive buyer in Europe” and “Automotive Trends and Predictions U.S.,” to help marketers tap into this growing electric and hybrid vehicle market, with a deep understanding of the interests and behaviors of potential buyers. 

They reveal the differences between electric vehicle and hybrid prospects within each geography, as well as tips to build a future-proof mobile branding strategy. 

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Julien Rollos

Julien Rollos

Head of Automotive