Rise of the Fintechs – Ogury’s Mobile Banking Study

November 21, 2017

Banking and handling money through a mobile phone is now a daily reality for millions worldwide. The vast majority of high street banks and other financial service providers now offer a wide range of mobile web services and apps to cater to the changing habits of their customers.

Buoyed by this surge in consumer tech adoption and favorable market conditions, a new wave of financial technology startups have also risen to prominence, earning their place in consumers’ affections by specializing in everything from currency exchange to current accounts.

In our latest report, Ogury decided to identify the leading performers in both retail banks and new fintech players. Our mobile banking study analyzed the behavior of 1,265,000 mobile users active from July to September 2017 across the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. The full report unearthed a number of revelations, including:

  • The top five retail banks for both mobile web traffic and app downloads in every territory studied.
  • The top five fintech companies based on consumer app ownership, by country.
  • Which countries in the study had most adopted these new fintech services.
  • How money transfer services, in particular, have managed to achieve breakthrough adoption around the world.

Curious to see how mobile banking is performing internationally? 

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