An Introduction to Advertising Driven by User Choice

February 4, 2020

Some say it’s the biggest shift in digital advertising since the creation of the internet.

It’s not big data. It’s not AI. It’s not another fancy format. 

It’s much more important than all of that. 

What is it?

It’s a new and different approach to digital advertising.

It puts user choice and consent at the heart of all technology and ad execution. 

It’s privacy compliant by design.

And it’s being widely adopted by many of the biggest brands in the world, to deliver industry-leading performance, while ensuring data safety and brand safety, in a fraud-free environment. 

It’s called Choice Driven Advertising.

We’ve just released an exclusive digital book that gives you a perfect overview and introduction to advertising driven by user choice.

In our Introduction to Advertising Driven by User Choice, you will discover;

  • The fundamental shift that’s transforming digital advertising as we know it 
  • Why this shift is occurring now
  • Why it’s so important to organizations today
  • And how to overcome the obstacles that block your ability to respond


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