Insights Driver Stage, People Based Marketing Track (Level 2, Stage 9)

Building a Brand on Mobile

There's no denying the ever-increasing opportunity mobile presents to marketers. But as the opportunity grows, so does the challenge. With the continual introduction of new technological advances, it can be difficult for marketers to prioritize their investments across the many channels at their disposal. This session will reveal how to find your consumers everywhere—including places you may have never thought to look, and how marketers can build brands on mobile.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  • How to match disparate data points into a coherent marketing strategy.
  • How to leverage quality first-party data to effectively build brands on mobile.
  • How to prioritize your investments (and budgets) across your marketing strategy.

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Tech, Stars Stage, Adtech Track (Level 2, Stage 5)

The Transparency Game: The Problems, Fall Outs & Solutions for AdTech

The issue of transparency has been a complicated one for decades on our industry. it covers the spectrum of issues from placement to platform fees to partnerships. in this session we will uncover how we got to this point and what the ultimate solution is to operate fair and open marketplaces for publishers, advertisers and ultimately consumers.

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Tech Stars Stage, Martech Track

Three Conclusions From 287,000 Opinions on Mobile Marketing

Despite decades of martech advances, consumers are still left annoyed by the ads they are shown. As marketers, we put a lot of effort and budget into securing the attention of our consumers on mobile. But how effective is this investment? It’s time to get a real understanding of how these consumers feel about your advertising.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  • Why consumers are still in the dark over their data despite GDPR, why this matters, and how to address it;
  • The ways in which consumers prefer to pay to access content, and how to respect their privacy wishes;
  • How consumers feel about the ads they're shown on mobile

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Tech Stars Stage, MarTech Track (Level 2, Stage 5)

Mobile Journey Marketing

This panel will discuss the journey from start to finish to start over again: starting with user consent, followed by data, allowing brands to extract insights, and ultimately deliver a seamless, personalized activation.

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