Consent and Preference
Management for Digital

The reputational and legal risks of using
non-compliant data for advertising are real.
You know this. But it’s hard to manage user consent
simply. And easy to believe that both scale and ad
revenue will suffer when using consented data alone.
Neither are true. Find out everything you need to
know about Consent and Preference Management for
Advertising here.
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With new privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, consented data is the only data that matters in digital advertising. However:
  • Users face ambiguous consent notices, or are forced to share data when accessing content, with no clear way to opt-out.
  • Advertisers use ad-technology based on toxic data that has no traceable consent, exposing their brand to legal, financial and reputational risk.
  • Publishers are legally required to manage complex and constantly evolving privacy legislations, and worry that low consent rates will jeopardize ad revenue.

In Consent and Preference Management for Digital Advertising, you will discover:

  • Why Consent and Preference Management is taking center stage in the digital advertising industry.
  • What you need from a Consent and Preference Management Platform.
  • How to balance compliance, user trust, and sustainable advertising results.
  • How to thrive in the new era of digital advertising, and stay ahead of the competition.
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Consent and Preference Management for Digital Advertising is a
must-read for any advertiser or publisher looking to understand
and simplify consent and preference management, ensure data
safety and maximize advertising results with consented data.

The Future of Digital Advertising
is Driven by User Choice

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