people have shared their views about mobile marketing.

The Reality Report is the world’s largest research on consumer attitudes towards mobile marketing, advertising and privacy ever conducted.

Consumer data has been mishandled systematically for decades. GDPR acts as a turning point. But how has it changed consumer opinions? And what does this mean for marketers?

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In our comprehensive 35 page report you’ll discover:

  • What kind of data consumers are willing to share in exchange for free content.
  • How consumers really feel about marketing messages tailored to their interests.
  • The impact irrelevant ads are having on your business.

The Reality Report is a must read for any marketer, brand or publisher looking to understand and engage with consumers on mobile today.

See mobile marketing through the eyes of the consumer.

Unless you understand exactly how people feel about mobile advertising and the way their data is used, your marketing strategy could actually be damaging your relationship with customers.

The Reality Report reveals the opinions of more than 287,000 consumers – from USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Giving you a real understanding of how consumers feel.