Build the most effective monetization strategy.

Increase advertising revenue, retain users and provide a great experience.

All in respect of consumer privacy.

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Why choose Thumbnail Ad?

Elegant ads, boosting user retention.

Provide your users with a game-friendly ad experience. Ephemeral by design, it disappears after a few seconds. Access Ogury's premium demand to stop your competitors' ads appearing in your app and reduce your churn by 8x.

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Small but mighty.

Receive the highest payback. Earn 5-10x more dollars per pixel than a banner, and 12x more than an MPU. Ten seconds of a Thumbnail Ad brings you as much revenue as 5 minutes of a banner or 1 minute 30 seconds of an MPU.

Pure incremental revenue and free new users.

Build a new revenue stream with a format that supplements your existing ones. Use our discovery feature, with a CTR of up to 10%, to gain free new users.

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Premium brand demand.

Access premium demand from global brands.

Interstitial Ad.

In addition to Thumbnail Ad, integrating our technology gives you access to our Interstitial and Rewarded Video demand that delivers one of the highest CPMs.

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