Build the most effective monetization strategy.

Increase advertising revenue, retain users and provide a great experience.

All in respect of consumer privacy.

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Exclusive premium demand from global brands.

Access premium demand exclusively from global brands.

How Ogury attracts brands that fit your premium image.

Ogury's powerful data is unparalleled. It combines contextual, semantic and unique proprietary audience data, providing advertisers with audience relevance and unique insights.

With non-intrusive engaging ad formats that are 100% in view, 100% of the time, advertisers build brand recognition and memorability.

Ogury is also the safest place to deliver their message. We only use self-declared or non-personal data, and we apply pre-bid fraud avoidance technology on each impression.

High CPMs and incremental revenue through non‑intrusive and elegant formats.

Header Ad: effectively monetize top-of-the-screen placement.

Blending elegantly in the header of the page, our new proprietary format - Header Ad - solicits user attention without disrupting content consumption. When combined with the power of video, it unlocks the full potential of a top screen placement.

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Thumbnail Ad: the first ephemeral and non‑intrusive ad format.

Provide your users with a mobile-native ad experience. The ad plays while users continue to navigate your content, and disappears after a few seconds.

Build a new revenue stream with a format that supplements your existing ones.

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Interstitial Ad.

In addition to Thumbnail Ad and Header Ad, integrating our technology gives you access to our Interstitial demand that delivers one of the highest CPMs.

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