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Ogury provides brands with the integrated data and technologies necessary to understand users across their mobile journey, gain precious insights to inform digital advertising strategy, and activate those insights to attract and engage users.

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Stop targeting,
start attracting.

You can’t expect loyalty if you force engagement. But due to restricted knowledge of the mobile user journey, most technologies do. Your mobile advertising spend could be suffering as a result.

Map the user journey, across apps and websites.

“What apps and websites do my users visit before and after mine, and why?” A simple question. Difficult to answer. Ogury enables you to eliminate blind spots and make sense of the mobile user journey. So you can understand new and existing users well enough to attract them, rather just targeting them and forcing engagement. This is the secret sauce that will fuel your digital advertising success on mobile.

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Tap into user affinities and visual insights.

Gain behavioral understanding of your users, and competitors’ users. Reveal new audiences and opportunities for growth. Activate these insights automatically, to drive business results.

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Attract your optimal users with one-to-one impact, at scale.

Use the power of a purpose-built User Affinity Engine to attract users based on true interests. Your ads become relevant valuable recommendations, that motivate action.

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Optimize results with programmatic, the new way.

Instead of optimizing based on black box segments, identify individual humans, and scale based on real-time interests. Seamlessly extend your trading environment with your preferred DSP on 100% transparent inventory, or work with our team to generate the perfect PMP.

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Full transparency and data compliance, delivers unprecedented results.

From day one, Ogury has been built upon the principles of fairness, transparency, accountability and user rights. Our mobile journey data is only generated after users explicitly opt-in, which can be rescinded at any time. For brands this means fraud free results, in a brand safe environment, with compliant data only. What’s more, our viewability is industry leading.

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Some of the top brands that trust Ogury.

Brand Success: See how Epson…

Generated an average 19.4% CTR for their B2B campaigns, and 20.2% CTR for consumer campaigns.

Achieved Cost-Per-Acquisition results 65% lower than the campaign average.

Recorded Cost-Per-Time-Engaged results 55% lower than the campaign average.

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"By working with Ogury we have considerably improved time spent on Desigual's mobile site, and also greatly reduced the bounce rate for both of our key target consumer personas. Ogury’s results have been excellent, with their team’s data-driven approach ensuring a successful outcome."

Noelia Arboledas

Senior Planner, Starcom for Desigual