A global technology leader
in Personified Advertising.

Ogury delivers superior and sustainable ad results for advertisers and publishers.

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Ogury has created a breakthrough advertising engine.

Ogury is breaking through the ad tech walls and connecting together in the same engine: brand performance, privacy protection, and sustainability. All integrated into one technology stack, built and optimized for mobile.

What’s different about
Ogury Advertising Engine?

Fully on-screen,
impactful ads

Ogury engages consumers with fully on-screen and choice-driven ads. Our formats ensure a superior mobile ad experience. They attract attention, solicit user interaction and boost memorability.

State-of-the-art &
future-proof targeting

Ogury’s breakthrough targeting is fuelled by unparalleled personification data. This powerful and unique data combines contextual, semantic, and unique proprietary mobile journey audience data, continuously validated and enriched thanks to our exclusive survey technology and ad interactions at scale. This ID-less technology allows Ogury to know what most competitors ignore and deliver ground-breaking branding performance, while fully protecting consumer privacy.


Ogury places an uncompromised focus not only on branding campaigns’ performance but also on brand protection against unsafe and toxic data, inappropriate content and all types of fraud.


An Ogury proprietary format, Thumbnail Ad is built for a superior mobile ad experience. It enables you to monetize your apps and websites with the utmost respect for your users.


Ogury Thumbnail Ad opens a new revenue stream, increases traffic and time spent, and allows you to gain free new users with its
cross-promotion feature.


Ogury delivers ads from prestigious global brands. We pay one of the highest CPM in the industry, and you receive the highest payback alongside strong fill rates.

Join forward-thinking business leaders using Ogury’s technology
to achieve superior and sustainable advertising results.