Tailored Solutions & Services.

Our solutions are tailored to brands’ specific needs and consist of engaging creative formats and quality publisher partners, resulting in brand-safe, diverse inventory that can be activated in video and display via Managed Service or Programmatic.

Campaign Activation.

Intelligent activation via Managed Service or Programmatic.

Creative & Formats

that capture attention and drive results

Quality Inventory

across direct publisher partners

Industry-Leading performance

due to placement-level insights and real-time optimization

Strategic Support

by our global team of industry experts

Global Reach

of 1.2 billion active digital consumers per month

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With Ogury, brands can expect limitless creativity and rich media functionality.

Our in-house creative studio will work with you to transform your brand assets into beautiful, high-performing ads.

Formats that drive maximum engagement without disrupting the user experience.

Explore limitless creativity with our highly visible, highly engaging ad formats with rich media functionality.


Premium format that commands attention as it appears between the site header and the first piece of content, and collapses as the user scrolls through content.

Video | Display | Web


Impactful format that remains at the bottom of the screen as users consume content.

Video | Display | Web


Grab attention with the most premium and viewable format. Attractive skins and customization options available to maximize brand impact and user engagement.

Video | Display | In-App


In-article format that fits seamlessly between paragraphs of text. As engaged users scroll and read content, this unit locks in place and the content lifts to expose the ad like a curtain rising.



Prominent format that allows the user to control its placement on the screen, offering exceptional results without the need for a full-screen takeover.

Video | Display | In-app | Web

Brand-safe inventory across quality publishers.

Our publisher partners trust us to create engaging experiences across app and web environments that protect user privacy while monetizing new areas of their web experience.

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Ogury is one of our best-performing monetization partners. With the ability to achieve the viewability and attention metrics advertisers demand, Ogury’s formats allow us to access top CPMs while respecting the user experience.”

– Hasan Ramadan,
Head of Digital Advertising at Euronews

Ogury brings unique value to publishers.

Demand from the world’s largest and most premium advertisers

Incremental monetization opportunities and effective yield optimization with competitive CPMs

Future-proofed solution that enables monetization across ID-less environments

User-friendly formats that don’t interrupt the content experience and result in high dwell time

Turnkey implementation and compatible across major heading bidding and mediation partners

Strategic support of local teams in 25 cities across the globe

Web Partners.

In-App Partners.

Industry-leading performance is what our clients can expect.

Thanks to our unique model, each campaign is set up for success before it even launches, as we know exactly where to serve each impression to generate the strongest response.

We then monitor and optimize towards the highest-performing placements in real-time. This campaign data feeds back to our data set, enriching it for future campaigns.

Strategic Support by our world-class global team.

Beyond our award-winning technology, our team’s strategic support is unparalleled in the industry. Every brand, publisher or partner receives dedicated attention from a fully-integrated team that operates with their best interest in mind.


I love the Ogury team. They are personable, thoughtful and really do their best to find solutions for the brand.”

– VP, Media –  Food & Bev Brand

A Solution Made For You.

Our tailored solutions and services can be crafted to meet your specific digital advertising needs.