Data Reinvented.

Our exclusive data powers our client campaigns, providing scale and precise targeting without the use of personal information.

Our robust data model collects billions of unique data points at the placement level. This includes self-reported consumer data collected via our proprietary surveys and our best-in-class contextual, semantic, and bid request data, combined with open source data. This rich dataset enables our Personified Advertising approach.

Personified Advertising.

Ogury’s data-driven approach is grounded in privacy, targeting personas, not people, and ensures each campaign reaches your audience and drives superior scale and performance.

Data Collection.

Our data model collects billions of data points in real time across the internet. By deploying always-on surveys at scale, we capture powerful self-reported consumer data at the placement level. Combined with contextual, semantic, bid request, and campaign performance data, our robust data set is formed.

Segmentation into Personas.

Our technology leverages our dataset to create curated profiles of consumers, or personas. There are over 1.3M personas available to activate depending on a client’s target audience and goals.

Activation and Refinement.

When activating a campaign, our team selects the most relevant persona based on the target audience and goals, ensuring that client ads are running where their audience is most likely to engage. We capture performance data in real time that continues to optimize our data set.

Customer insights that can’t be found anywhere else.

We deploy surveys that run alongside client campaigns and capture deep audience insights that make future campaigns work smarter and harder. Insights are based on self-reported and unbiased consumer data: the insights brands and agencies crave but are difficult and costly to capture.


Campaign Insights Surveys

Looking for deeper insights specific to your audience and goals? 

Ogury’s Campaign Insights Surveys provide intel into consumer attitudes, influences, and brand perceptions.

In a recent Campaign Insights Survey, a client learned that brand loyalty is the most important factor for their audience in making a purchase decision.

Brand Perception

How familiar is your audience with your brand? Want to know what consumers really think?

 Our Brand Perception studies provide insights into how your brand is perceived by consumers after being exposed to your ad.

In a recent Brand Perception study, 57% of the brand’s audience said they had never heard of the brand prior to seeing the ad, confirming that Ogury helps brands drive awareness with new audiences.

Purchase Drivers

What moves the needle when your target audience is buying a product?

Our Purchase Drivers studies help brands find out what influences consumer choice and ultimately drives a purchase within their category. 

According to a recent Purchase Drivers study for an automotive client, 34% of consumers in-market for a new car said price is the most important factor influencing their decision.


Impulsive or reflective? Brand loyalists or open to trying new products?  Not all audiences think alike.  

 Our Mindsets studies help brands uncover insights into consumer “type,” helping them understand consumer mindsets when engaging with a brand or a product. 

According to a recent Mindsets study, 65% of consumers shopping for electronics say they research before they buy, while 35% say they have a short buying cycle.

Ad Perception

How effective is your messaging? Does your ad creative resonate with your audience?

Our Ad Perception studies provide insight into how your messaging is perceived by your audience after being exposed to your ad. 

In a recent Ad Perception study, 88% of the brand’s audience reported feeling favorably about the new ad, confirming that Ogury helps brands deliver effective messaging.  

Ogury Brand Index

Want to know what values your audiences associate with your brand?

Ogury’s exclusive Brand Index (OBI) studies provide brands with valuable insights on how they are perceived across five key parameters:

Trustworthiness – Sustainability – Usefulness – Quality – Innovation

We turn these insights into strategic recommendations for your future campaigns, and can measure changes over time to demonstrate the impact of your campaigns.

Dive into the Data.

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