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Ogury helped us to achieve a full funnel marketing approach for Kia’s EV6 based on qualitative data. We were able to successfully maximize the performance on awareness, consideration and purchase.

Jeroen Krikke
Head of programmatic, Havas Media Amsterdam

Kia is a global automotive manufacturer, which sells around three million vehicles per year. Today, Kia is driving the adoption of electric vehicles. In collaboration with agency Havas Media, Kia wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of the electric vehicles market audience. They chose to leverage Ogury Personified Advertising Engine to uncover these insights and engage their target audience with innovative fully on-screen ads.


The Netherlands is one of the leading electric vehicle markets, both in Europe and globally. For the launch of its new EV6 model in this highly-competitive region, Kia and Havas Media sought a mobile-first AdTech partner with comprehensive audience interest knowledge to drive awareness and consideration of the EV6 electric vehicle among consumers. 


Ogury Personified Advertising Engine enabled Kia and Havas Media to understand their key audience beyond Kia’s own digital ecosystem. They were able to assess the audiences’ interest in electric vehicles and engage them with the right creative in a data-safe environment. 

The campaign was divided into three phases: promote awareness, attract engagement and gain traffic. 

Kia used Ogury’s custom audience qualification survey to ask bespoke questions to determine their affinity to Kia and their interest in buying an electric vehicle in the next three months. The results fed pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting. 

Using Ogury’s proprietary Brand Exclusive Video Chooser, consumers within the qualified audience were given a choice of three Kia EV6 ads to watch. This self-targeting experience helped to boost memorability and enabled Kia to understand which ad had the most traction among its target audience through engagement, ad recall and completion rate. 


The campaign achieved exceptional results with 98.48% viewability (IAS standard), exceeding the market average of 90%, an average VTR of 95.3%, an average click-through rate of 5.8% and an engagement rate of 8.5%, surpassing the market average of 5-6%. 

Ogury’s technology drove considerable awareness of Kia and its EV6 model among the target audience.The post-campaign persona revealed that the Kia EV6’s most engaged audience were men aged 25 to 44, with a strong affinity for electric and hybrid cars, online travel agencies, news aggregators, travel and vacation homes. These insights are a valuable resource for Kia’s future targeting strategies.

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Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in the UK. With new legislation coming into force to give consumers greater flexibility over their mobile phone contracts, Vodafone needed to drive awareness and consideration of its new offering for sole traders. Vodafone partnered with Ogury to identify and reach a specific audience on mobile with impactful, engaging and fully on-screen formats.


Vodafone launched a new solution for its business customers, giving them greater flexibility and control of their digital lives. The Vodafone EVO for Sole Traders offering enables business customers to pay for their phone and airtime separately, creating a monthly plan that suits their needs. Vodafone needed a mobile technology partner that could accurately identify its target audience and reach them at scale with engaging video ads in a brand-safe and fraud-free environment, all while respecting consumer privacy. 


Ogury leveraged its proprietary audience data to define the sole traders. These are individuals who operate their own business with no employees. Therefore, they wear multiple hats from social media manager to e-commerce manager and executive assistant. Knowing these behaviors, and the apps and sites they frequently use, enabled Ogury to pinpoint the audience to ensure the campaign reached the most motivated sole traders in the UK. 

Ogury delivered the campaign to sole traders using its proprietary method Ad Chooser to drive brand awareness with impactful fully on-screen videos. With Ad Chooser, the consumer can select their ad experience, which boosts their ability to remember the ad. 

Vodafone ad chooser

Ogury Ad Chooser


Thanks to Ogury’s solution, the campaign achieved an average VCR of 89% and viewability of 94%. Moreover, the campaign Impact Survey reported a 77% lift in ad recall among those who had seen the ad, indicating that it was memorable and had been delivered to the intended audience. 

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Planet Media is a French web publisher producing content related to news, lifestyle and health. It wanted to increase its mobile ad revenue, feature well-known brands on its platform and diversify its format portfolio. Ogury presented Planet Media with the opportunity to diversify its ad format portfolio, helping the publisher boost its eCPM. Among various formats, Ogury gave Planet Media access to its proprietary video ad format: Thumbnail Ad. With its Premium
Demand, Ogury also offered access to a network of recognizable brands, granting Planet Media access to revenue optimization. Using the tools provided by Ogury, Planet Media was able to unlock new revenue streams and strengthen existing ones.


Ogury helped Planet Media to increase its mobile ad revenue thanks to its premium demand from more than 1,150 top brands globally. Using a dedicated team and personalized support, Ogury mobilized its resources to deliver quick and optimized results.

By implementing VCR tests to measure the effectiveness of its advertising, they were able to determine the best format mix. The main thrust of the campaign was Ogury’s proprietary video ad format, Thumbnail Ad, which allowed Planet Media to deliver a brand new and innovative mobile ad format to its mobile users and unlock a new revenue stream.


The results of Ogury’s integration were quick to come, with a 26% increase in eCPM in a single month, as they
swiftly became one of Planet Media’s top-performing partners. With Ogury besting their competition and pushing ahead of them in terms of CPM, priority in mediation was given to their premium demand. Planet Media’s ad revenue rose by 7% by the new and compelling Thumbnail video ad format and known brands that were being displayed, providing value to both the publisher and their readers.

Ogury is one of our best performing monetization partners. Their team delivers a seamless service tailored to our needs. They are one of the few technology partners that can deliver a superior advertising experience through their proprietary format, Thumbnail Ad, while optimizing our advertising revenue with their premium demand.

Maximilien Chikhtahar
Programmatic Manager, Planet Media

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Full-service creative agency Proximity relishes the opportunity to shine a light on a variety of environmental and social topics. For Germany’s Organ Donation Day, Proximity partnered with the Association Against Death on the Organ Waiting List to launch the world’s first wearable organ donor card – the Gegen den Tod Couture fashion collection. 

Thanks to Ogury Personified Targeting, the agency and the association engaged the right audience and raised awareness on the importance of organ donation. 


Germany doesn’t have enough organ donors. There are 9,000 people in the country waiting for an organ to save their life. For years, the Association Against Death on the Organ Waiting List has been steadfast in its pursuit of generating awareness around the importance of organ donation. To ramp up its efforts and grab the attention of the right audience, the association partnered with Proximity to launch the world’s first wearable organ donor card, and enlisted Ogury as the preferred mobile AdTech player. 


Ogury Personified Targeting was leveraged to accurately reach potential donors at scale. A two-phase mobile campaign was implemented where Ogury first engaged users interested in social responsibility, sustainability and shopping with fully visible and impactful video formats across mobile environments. In the second phase, these users were shown a CPC campaign that helped to drive consideration and redirect quality traffic to Gegen den Tod Couture website. 


This pro-bono mobile campaign was delivered in a fraud-free and brand-safe environment. It produced exceptional results, achieving 82.7% VCR, over 51.5K completed views and 92.7% viewability (IAS standard). The display ad format received a 4.5% CTR, with over 15.5K clicks. Thanks to Ogury and the other partners, 72% of the produced items were sold, which represents an average of 13,000 lives saved. 

Thanks to Ogury’s support and ability to reach the right audience with multi-format video and static campaigns, we have achieved amazing results, while raising awareness of the organ donation shortage and saving many lives.

Susanne Reitmaier
Chairwoman of the Association Against Death on the Organ Waiting List 

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McDonald's case study

McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, with over 38,000 branches worldwide. During the pandemic, McDonald’s created a new advertising strategy focused on three key pillars: the promotion of the McDonald’s app, its menus and offers, and food delivery service.

McDonald’s, together with media agency OMD Italy, partnered with Ogury to realize this mobile advertising strategy – reaching and engaging its ideal customer base for each campaign, in a brand-safe and data-safe environment.


McDonald’s wanted to use its mobile advertising strategy to stay top of mind and relevant to its customers, reassuring them that, despite the circumstances, Italian restaurants were open and safety measures were in place to protect their employees. Therefore, McDonald’s needed a campaign to promote its app, its menu, offers and delivery services (McDrive and McDelivery). McDonald’s chose Ogury as a tech partner to run a series of CPC campaigns during the first quarter of the year to generate qualified traffic and high levels of app engagement. 


McDonald’s and OMD chose Ogury to deliver nine campaigns from January to March 2021. Using Ogury Advertising Engine, fueled by unique and safe mobile user data, McDonald’s was able to identify and reach its ideal audience for each campaign. Ogury built a precise targeting matrix according to each campaign’s goal (driving awareness or consideration). The algorithm optimizes every campaign, automatically learning and understanding who the most interested users are with a look-a-like strategy. 


Ogury delivered relevant ads in a brand-safe and fraud-free environment and achieved outstanding results. With a strong understanding of the brand’s ideal audience and a user-focused approach, the campaigns achieved an average of 10.2% CTR, 41% over the benchmark. It also recorded an overall average viewability of 91%, 99% in brand safety and 0.1% invalid traffic. 

We often select Ogury for its ability to pinpoint the required audience with precision, according to each campaign and the strategy of the moment. Thanks to Ogury Advertising Engine, we are impacting the right audience by improving the user’s advertising experience and far exceeding the set objectives. 

McDonald’s Italy

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Ogury's McDonald's Case Study

McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading food service brands with more than 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and have been serving customers for over 80 years. McDonald’s recently set out to encourage customers to rediscover their love for the taste of their classic menu items. In order to drive awareness of these items, they needed access to technology that could deliver reach with relevant audiences and guarantee consumer privacy protection. To access this technology, McDonald’s relied on their agency partner, Starcom.

Starcom, on behalf of their client McDonald’s, utilized Ogury’s Personified Targeting to build awareness of the brand’s classic menu items. They set out to deeply understand their audience’s behavior and gain insights into lifestyle behaviors.


McDonald’s set out to encourage customers to rediscover their love for the taste of their classic menu items. Unfortunately, many brands struggle to achieve effective mobile branding. This is due to the lack of ad visibility and targeting which is invasive, imprecise, lacking in audience intelligence and offers only a limited view of audience behaviors, or relies on publicly available contextual signals. McDonald’s needed an advertising technology solution with audience intelligence to reach relevant consumers and serve them visible and engaging formats in efficient, safe environments.


Starcom and McDonald’s utilized Ogury’s Personified Targeting solution to build awareness of the brand’s classic menu items. This solution allowed McDonald’s to achieve superior branding performance. Ogury’s new Custom Audience Qualification Survey allowed them to sharpen their audience understanding and reach by asking a bespoke question to qualify audiences, directly feeding into pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting. As the campaign was live, additional budget was added to continue to drive strong performance and an ad recall survey was shared to measure campaign success.


This mobile campaign delivered strong results. It yielded an 88% video completion rate and 97% Fully On-Screen Rate (At 50% duration / 15s per MOAT); therefore, Ogury delivered Full-creative VCR of 85% against a market average of 21% from mobile competitors. Ad recall was also impressive at 87% compared to 50% for the average market, demonstrating that the campaign reached McDonald’s most relevant and engaged audience.

We constantly strive to be the first to shift the needle in the digital advertising industry. Ogury’s Personified Targeting technology enables us to provide superior performance thanks to precise reach with relevant audiences across environments, as well as total user privacy protection. Our clients expect the best and in working with Ogury, we’re constantly able to deliver.

Jacobo Fernandez, Starcom

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Cordaid case study

Cordaid is an international values-based emergency relief and development organization. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cordaid wanted to create a mobile advertising campaign that raised awareness of its message and encouraged mobile users to engage with a challenge based on Cordaid’s mission: Taking care of others. The challenge, designed by Cordaid, aimed to build long-lasting relationships with these mobile users. To achieve this, they needed a technology partner that could first, identify mobile users who were most likely to become donors, and secondly, reach them with an educational message that would drive qualified traffic to their registration page.

Together with Storm, part of Accenture, they partnered with Ogury to develop a two-phase mobile campaign. Ogury’s activation strategy drove qualified traffic to Cordaid’s registration page and provided powerful insights on their ideal audience profiles, which helped to inform their future advertising strategy.


For more than 100 years, Cordaid has been helping people who need it most. With the Coronavirus affecting people worldwide, donations are needed now more than ever. Hence, Cordaid wanted to run an awareness and lead generation campaign on mobile to inspire their key audiences to support others. To achieve this, they needed an advertising technology solution that would enable them to understand their key audiences’ profile and mobile behavior beyond their own website and reach them in a data-safe environment through engaging mobile ad formats.


Fueled by unique and reliable mobile data insights, Ogury enabled Cordaid to identify its main target audience of potential donors and reach them with a two-phase mobile advertising campaign. First, users were engaged with an innovative video ad format that drove awareness of the cause. Second, these users were shown a static ad format, encouraging them to participate in a five-day challenge to take care of others. Ogury continued to give Cordaid valuable insights after the campaign ended, through its post-campaign personas, which helped to inform their future mobile and targeting strategy.


The mobile video campaign achieved 78.2% Full-creative VCR, surpassing Ogury’s own benchmarks of 67%. The display ad format also scored a 6.2% CTR and an average time spent on the landing page of 168 seconds, demonstrating strong user engagement with the brand’s key message. Finally, the post-campaign personas helped the brand to refine its mobile activation strategy by identifying the most engaged audiences – based on demographics and interests.

We are very happy with the strategy deployed with Ogury and the results we achieved. We now have at our disposal extra key insights about a specific part of our audience that we would never have been able to access without their technology, Ogury Active Insights.

Stefanie Goddijn
Senior Online Strategist at Cordaid (Netherlands)

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Visa blog

Visa wanted to encourage people globally to think about the positive impact their shopping can have on their communities when consciously choosing to buy from local shops and independent micro-merchants. For its campaign in Italy, Visa needed a strong mobile branding partner.

By partnering with Ogury, Visa and its media agency Starcom were able to identify and reach its ideal audiences in Italy. Ogury’s proprietary format Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser created a positive brand experience, and enabled campaign performance to be measured accurately and precisely.


Visa believes that small independent businesses are at the heart of every community. To support local businesses, their digitalization, and to raise consumer’ awareness, Visa launched the “Where You Shop Matters” global campaign.

Visa created two video messages to engage two different types of audience in the Italian market. The company then needed a mobile ad technology partner to deliver this awareness campaign in a brand and data safe environment.


Ogury Advertising Engine delivers fully visible, impactful ads using future-proof targeting that is underpinned by absolute brand and consumer protection.

Ogury’s Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser was selected for Visa’s campaign. It’s a proprietary full-screen ad delivery format that invites the user to choose which video ad they want to watch. Using this format, Ogury was able to maximize brand awareness and create a positive brand experience.

Ogury’s Creative Choice Report provided a full analysis of the campaign, revealing which ad users selected most frequently and viewed for the longest time. It also reveals which ad had the highest recall lift, showing memorability and brand impact.


Ogury enabled Visa to achieve 90% Full-creative V2CR*, surpassing the benchmark of 67%. It scored 95.6% in VCR (16.3% more than the CPV campaign benchmark) and 94% in viewability. *Full-creative Visible Video Completion Rate = Video Completion Rate x Fully On-screen Rate

We collaborate with a network of local and international partners capable of guaranteeing high compliance to our guidelines and KPIs, while delivering against our business goals. As privacy and security are part of our DNA, we were delighted to join forces with Ogury, a tech partner able to combine safety and precise targeting with fully visible and engaging creatives to support us in reaching the right audience.

Matteo Brignoli
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Visa

Download Visa’s case study

volvo case study


Consumers usually use laptops and desktop computers to research configure or buy a car. To attract mobile users, Swedish car brand Volvo needed a mobile-first partner to drive awareness and consideration of the Volvo XC40 in the German market.

Partnering with Ogury, Volvo and its media agency Mindshare were able to reach the ideal audiences with highly relevant and engaging creatives.


Volvo wanted to promote its XC40 model to its target audience in the German market. Despite mobile increasingly becoming a key channel for all Volvo media activities, consumers showing interest in buying cars usually use laptops.

Volvo needed a mobile-first technology partner, with unique and powerful data and accurate targeting capabilities to reach the best audience. The audience Volvo wanted to reach included men and women between 25-59 years of age interested in buying new cars (SUV intenders), having affinities with lifestyle and sports like fitness, jogging and cycling.


Thanks to Ogury Advertising Engine, Volvo was able to identify and reach its ideal audience. Ogury built a precise targeting matrix addressing the right creative to the right target: Fahrrad (bike lovers), joggers and Fußgänger (outdoor lovers).

The continuous learning and optimization of the algorithm enabled Ogury to drive awareness and consideration to the brand and redirect the qualified audience to Volvo’s website.

Volvo, its media agency Mindshare and the service provider [m]Studio were integral to the campaign’s success. Volvo created a sleek, user-friendly landing page that made it easy for consumers to complete the configurator. Meanwhile, Mindshare developed a smart media plan and [m]Studio was instrumental in coordinating and advising
on the campaign.


Ogury delivered relevant ads to the precise audience Volvo needed in a brand safe environment. The campaign achieved exceptional results with 93.4% viewability (IAS standard) and 0.1% invalid traffic. The three different creatives reached an average of 6% in CTR, with nearly 38,000 clicks.

With only about 33% of the ‘mobile-only budget”, Ogury was able to generate almost 93% of all pure mobile page visits, and our cost per page visit was almost 83% below the average across all placements – desktop and mobile. Ogury was by far the most efficient CPV mobile-only placement we had in the campaign. Even the social placements on Facebook and Instagram were more expensive.

Fabian Bleier
Client Service Consultant, Mindshare

Download Volvo’s case study

Ford blog post

Multinational car company, Ford, wanted to launch a digital campaign to promote its new range of hybrid cars. Together with its media agency Mindshare and creative agency GTB, Ford partnered with Ogury to identify its ideal audience and deliver mobile video ads with precision. 


Ford wanted to promote the new Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid, as part of its multi-media TV and digital campaign. Ford sought an advertising technology that could identify its target audience and deliver mobile video ads through an innovative and user-friendly experience. Ford also wanted to go beyond traditional performance indicators (impressions and video completions) to accurately measure the impact of its campaign.


It was crucial for the campaign to be delivered to users whose behavior and media consumption matched the Ford Kuga brand’s positioning. Using its Active Insights platform, Ogury enabled Ford to accurately identify its core target audience – people aged 25-64 years old who are looking to purchase a SUV. 

Ford created three promotional video ads featuring the Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid, which can travel up to 56km on 100% electric power. The ads were then delivered to users via Ogury’s proprietary video ad delivery method – Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser. It allows users to choose which ad they want to watch, maximizing engagement and creating a positive brand experience. 

Finally, Ogury measured campaign performance using a new metric: Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR). V2CR considers both the viewability and video completion rate, enabling Ford to have a more accurate view of the campaign performance and optimize its future strategy. 

Ford Kuga Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser
Ford Kuga Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser


The video campaigns were a success. With an average VCR of 93% and viewability of 95%, the campaign achieved 86.2% V2CR. As such, Ogury was recognized as Best Performer for VCR and viewability among the seven mobile advertising partners activated on this campaign.

We have built a trusting relationship with the Ogury team over the past 7 years and use their solution for a majority of our mobile display campaigns. With precise targeting, unwavering privacy protection and KPI results beyond our expectations, Ogury enables us to deliver positive ad experiences to our consumers.

Amaïa Bady
B2C Communication Marketing Specialist at Ford France