Ogury's McDonald's Case Study

McDonald’s is one of the world’s leading food service brands with more than 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries and have been serving customers for over 80 years. McDonald’s recently set out to encourage customers to rediscover their love for the taste of their classic menu items. In order to drive awareness of these items, they needed access to technology that could deliver reach with relevant audiences and guarantee consumer privacy protection. To access this technology, McDonald’s relied on their agency partner, Starcom.

Starcom, on behalf of their client McDonald’s, utilized Ogury’s Personified Targeting to build awareness of the brand’s classic menu items. They set out to deeply understand their audience’s behavior and gain insights into lifestyle behaviors.


McDonald’s set out to encourage customers to rediscover their love for the taste of their classic menu items. Unfortunately, many brands struggle to achieve effective mobile branding. This is due to the lack of ad visibility and targeting which is invasive, imprecise, lacking in audience intelligence and offers only a limited view of audience behaviors, or relies on publicly available contextual signals. McDonald’s needed an advertising technology solution with audience intelligence to reach relevant consumers and serve them visible and engaging formats in efficient, safe environments.


Starcom and McDonald’s utilized Ogury’s Personified Targeting solution to build awareness of the brand’s classic menu items. This solution allowed McDonald’s to achieve superior branding performance. Ogury’s new Custom Audience Qualification Survey allowed them to sharpen their audience understanding and reach by asking a bespoke question to qualify audiences, directly feeding into pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting. As the campaign was live, additional budget was added to continue to drive strong performance and an ad recall survey was shared to measure campaign success.


This mobile campaign delivered strong results. It yielded an 88% video completion rate and 97% Fully On-Screen Rate (At 50% duration / 15s per MOAT); therefore, Ogury delivered Full-creative VCR of 85% against a market average of 21% from mobile competitors. Ad recall was also impressive at 87% compared to 50% for the average market, demonstrating that the campaign reached McDonald’s most relevant and engaged audience.

We constantly strive to be the first to shift the needle in the digital advertising industry. Ogury’s Personified Targeting technology enables us to provide superior performance thanks to precise reach with relevant audiences across environments, as well as total user privacy protection. Our clients expect the best and in working with Ogury, we’re constantly able to deliver.

Jacobo Fernandez, Starcom

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volvo case study


Consumers usually use laptops and desktop computers to research configure or buy a car. To attract mobile users, Swedish car brand Volvo needed a mobile-first partner to drive awareness and consideration of the Volvo XC40 in the German market.

Partnering with Ogury, Volvo and its media agency Mindshare were able to reach the ideal audiences with highly relevant and engaging creatives.


Volvo wanted to promote its XC40 model to its target audience in the German market. Despite mobile increasingly becoming a key channel for all Volvo media activities, consumers showing interest in buying cars usually use laptops.

Volvo needed a mobile-first technology partner, with unique and powerful data and accurate targeting capabilities to reach the best audience. The audience Volvo wanted to reach included men and women between 25-59 years of age interested in buying new cars (SUV intenders), having affinities with lifestyle and sports like fitness, jogging and cycling.


Thanks to Ogury Advertising Engine, Volvo was able to identify and reach its ideal audience. Ogury built a precise targeting matrix addressing the right creative to the right target: Fahrrad (bike lovers), joggers and Fußgänger (outdoor lovers).

The continuous learning and optimization of the algorithm enabled Ogury to drive awareness and consideration to the brand and redirect the qualified audience to Volvo’s website.

Volvo, its media agency Mindshare and the service provider [m]Studio were integral to the campaign’s success. Volvo created a sleek, user-friendly landing page that made it easy for consumers to complete the configurator. Meanwhile, Mindshare developed a smart media plan and [m]Studio was instrumental in coordinating and advising
on the campaign.


Ogury delivered relevant ads to the precise audience Volvo needed in a brand safe environment. The campaign achieved exceptional results with 93.4% viewability (IAS standard) and 0.1% invalid traffic. The three different creatives reached an average of 6% in CTR, with nearly 38,000 clicks.

With only about 33% of the ‘mobile-only budget”, Ogury was able to generate almost 93% of all pure mobile page visits, and our cost per page visit was almost 83% below the average across all placements – desktop and mobile. Ogury was by far the most efficient CPV mobile-only placement we had in the campaign. Even the social placements on Facebook and Instagram were more expensive.

Fabian Bleier
Client Service Consultant, Mindshare

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Microsoft blog

As people continue to work and study from home in Italy, Microsoft wanted to showcase its new Microsoft Complete Protection plan. The tech giant had a precise target: students and families interested in buying a new personal computer.

Partnering with Ogury, Microsoft and its media agency, iProspect were able to reach the right audience with impactful CPC multi-format ad campaigns that lifted brand awareness. 


Microsoft wanted to showcase its new Microsoft Complete Protection plan, but it needed the right tech partner to find the most precise audience, drive awareness and retarget engaged users. Ogury helped Microsoft and iProspect to deliver effective CPC multi-format campaigns to students and families looking for a new computer on the main online marketplaces such as Amazon, Euronics, Mediamarkt and Unieuro. While generating brand awareness, Ogury re-engaged the mobile users who interacted with Microsoft’s ads.  


Ogury built a customized strategy to meet Microsoft’s needs. Thanks to Ogury Active Insights, Microsoft was able to leverage reliable mobile user and behavior data to identify the four audience clusters it wanted to reach: high and low spending students and families interested in buying personal computers at brick and mortar stores and online marketplaces. Ogury User Engagement was also used to create a series of CPC campaigns to deliver the advertising to these audiences. Ogury re-engaged the users who clicked on the ad with multi-format creatives (full-screen, MPU and banners), enabling them to get more information about the new Microsoft Complete Protection plan. 


This bespoke strategy, including the accuracy of the audiences identified and engaged, made this campaign a success, exceeding Microsoft’s KPIs. Thanks to the multi-format solution, the campaign achieved 4.6% CTR, 45.6% above benchmarks, and 90.8% Viewability, 6.4% above benchmarks.

The ability to meet our needs, identify, reach and attract our ideal audience, confirmed Ogury as an important and strategic partner for us, campaign after campaign. Its unique mobile user and behavior data and the strong targeting technology were exactly what we needed. For this reason, we chose Ogury as the only provider for the Microsoft Complete Protection plan campaign in Italy.

Michele Fazio
Windows Category Manager, Western Europe – South at Microsoft

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BFM blog header

Banque Française Mutualiste (BFM) wanted to use the powerful targeting capabilities of mobile to deliver multiple brand video messages tailored to public service agents – the military, the police, nurses and cleaning operatives. Read on to learn about the solution and the results achieved. 


BFM is a French bank whose offer is specially designed for public service agents (military, police, nurses, cleaning operatives). As such, it decided to design a highly personalized communication campaign using multiple video messages – each adapted to the profession and daily life of its customer base. Although traditional media such as TV, print and out-of-home offer strong outreach capabilities, it wanted to leverage mobile as a complementary channel, to ensure each message was delivered to the right audience. That’s why it needed a technology partner that would enable it to segment its key audience, understand their behavior on mobile, and reach them with the right message to generate unmatched levels of engagement.


Fueled by unique, reliable mobile data, Ogury enabled BFM to uncover the true characteristics of each of its personas, including demographics, mobile user journeys across apps and websites, and discriminant brands and interests. Armed with this information, BFM used Ogury User Engagement to attract its ideal customers with a video message that truly resonated with their needs and everyday life.

The brand delivered the campaign on OMID-compliant inventory, which allowed for accurate in-app viewability measurement. To provide a complete picture of the campaign’s success, Ogury also measured a new and much more accurate video ad performance KPI: Viewable Video Completion Rate, or V2CR*.

*viewability x video completion rate


The ad campaign achieved exceptional levels of performance, reaching 91% viewability and 82% average VCR. With 75% V2CR, the campaign surpassed Ogury’s own benchmarks of 67%. The IAS also reported an average brand safety percentage of more than 99%, with the campaign recording less than 1% invalid traffic.

Ogury’s powerful data solution allowed us to have a thorough understanding of our customer base. The team was able to understand and adapt their brief to our needs and objectives, which enabled us to achieve exceptional results.

Virginie Diallo
External Communication Manager, BFM

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Pierre Fabre case study image

Pierre Fabre, a leading pharmaceutical brand in France, required a mobile-first campaign to promote its cough syrup during the cold season. It was looking for a data safe solution that would enable it to understand and reach its precise audience. Pierre Fabre also sought to create a high-impact mobile ad unit that would direct qualified traffic to its product page. Learn more below.


Pierre Fabre’s aimed to promote one of its best selling cough syrups, Naturactive, to gain consumer mindshare during the cold season. To maximize performance, Pierre Fabre sought to highlight two key strengths of its product: 1) it’s suitability for the whole family to attract parents with young children, and 2) the fact that its 100% natural, to reach organic-conscious consumers. 


Ogury Active Insights revealed the distinct characteristics of Pierre Fabre’s two main persona groups. This included demographics, user journeys across apps and websites and discriminant brands and interests. Ogury then activated its User Engagement Solution to deliver a recommendation format: a proprietary mobile ad that captures the audience’s interest by revealing a relevancy score at the top of the screen. 


By partnering with Ogury, Pierre Fabre identified its ideal consumer groups, and reach them with an engaging mobile ad campaign that achieved outstanding results. Users who viewed the ad demonstrated elevated levels of interest and engagement, with 10% of targeted users viewing the landing page for more than one minute and contributing to a CTR of 8.1%. 

Ogury’s non-intrusive formats allow us to attract our ideal customers, while creating a premium and compelling brand experience. Thanks to their technology we can reach our target audience in a brand and data safe environment.

Olivia Tahar
Media Manager, Pierre Fabre

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International film and entertainment giant Paramount needed to identify and attract a new younger audience for the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout. As well as engage existing franchise lovers, Paramount wanted to reach the next generation of fans through mobile. Read on to learn the results. 


As one of the most recognized names in the entertainment industry, Paramount is no stranger to building hype and anticipation among fans of its many franchises. But for the launch of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the company needed to try a different approach for its mobile marketing efforts. As well as reach existing Mission: Impossible fans, Paramount had to attract a new, younger audience of cinema-goers who had not grown up with the celebrated action movie series. The company needed a partner solution that would reveal where these users could be found on mobile outside of Paramount’s own apps and websites.


Fueled by Ogury’s unique first-party mobile journey data, Ogury’s User Engagement solution created a bespoke targeting matrix by studying the behavior of Mission: Impossible fans. Ogury revealed that the audience was characterized by three interest criteria: technology, extreme sports and general cinema lovers. These were then applied to the 18-24 year old age group, who had previously not shown an affinity for the film franchise. By autonomously up-weighting those with higher performance, campaign targeting was continuously refined by Ogury’s AI-powered User Affinity Engine to ensure Paramount’s ideal audience were both identified and attracted to the brand effectively.


Ogury achieved breakthrough results for Paramount with both existing and new Mission: Impossible fans. A view through rate of 75.9% was recorded across the campaign, with 162,673 target users reached accounting for 172,290 completed views of the Mission: Impossible – Fallout trailer creative. Impressions were capped at 1.4 per user, with a resulting CTR of 4%.

“Ogury has delivered a comprehensive understanding of our mobile audience as well as excellent campaign results. The MJM approach and Ogury’s ability to reveal the affinities of our ideal target consumers has resulted in outstanding engagement with our creative, as well as uncovered a new generation of Mission: Impossible fans. Mission accomplished.”

Mathieu Rampant
Digital Strategy Manager, Paramount

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