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Ogury helped us to achieve a full funnel marketing approach for Kia’s EV6 based on qualitative data. We were able to successfully maximize the performance on awareness, consideration and purchase.

Jeroen Krikke
Head of programmatic, Havas Media Amsterdam

Kia is a global automotive manufacturer, which sells around three million vehicles per year. Today, Kia is driving the adoption of electric vehicles. In collaboration with agency Havas Media, Kia wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics and behaviors of the electric vehicles market audience. They chose to leverage Ogury Personified Advertising Engine to uncover these insights and engage their target audience with innovative fully on-screen ads.


The Netherlands is one of the leading electric vehicle markets, both in Europe and globally. For the launch of its new EV6 model in this highly-competitive region, Kia and Havas Media sought a mobile-first AdTech partner with comprehensive audience interest knowledge to drive awareness and consideration of the EV6 electric vehicle among consumers. 


Ogury Personified Advertising Engine enabled Kia and Havas Media to understand their key audience beyond Kia’s own digital ecosystem. They were able to assess the audiences’ interest in electric vehicles and engage them with the right creative in a data-safe environment. 

The campaign was divided into three phases: promote awareness, attract engagement and gain traffic. 

Kia used Ogury’s custom audience qualification survey to ask bespoke questions to determine their affinity to Kia and their interest in buying an electric vehicle in the next three months. The results fed pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting. 

Using Ogury’s proprietary Brand Exclusive Video Chooser, consumers within the qualified audience were given a choice of three Kia EV6 ads to watch. This self-targeting experience helped to boost memorability and enabled Kia to understand which ad had the most traction among its target audience through engagement, ad recall and completion rate. 


The campaign achieved exceptional results with 98.48% viewability (IAS standard), exceeding the market average of 90%, an average VTR of 95.3%, an average click-through rate of 5.8% and an engagement rate of 8.5%, surpassing the market average of 5-6%. 

Ogury’s technology drove considerable awareness of Kia and its EV6 model among the target audience.The post-campaign persona revealed that the Kia EV6’s most engaged audience were men aged 25 to 44, with a strong affinity for electric and hybrid cars, online travel agencies, news aggregators, travel and vacation homes. These insights are a valuable resource for Kia’s future targeting strategies.

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Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in the UK. With new legislation coming into force to give consumers greater flexibility over their mobile phone contracts, Vodafone needed to drive awareness and consideration of its new offering for sole traders. Vodafone partnered with Ogury to identify and reach a specific audience on mobile with impactful, engaging and fully on-screen formats.


Vodafone launched a new solution for its business customers, giving them greater flexibility and control of their digital lives. The Vodafone EVO for Sole Traders offering enables business customers to pay for their phone and airtime separately, creating a monthly plan that suits their needs. Vodafone needed a mobile technology partner that could accurately identify its target audience and reach them at scale with engaging video ads in a brand-safe and fraud-free environment, all while respecting consumer privacy. 


Ogury leveraged its proprietary audience data to define the sole traders. These are individuals who operate their own business with no employees. Therefore, they wear multiple hats from social media manager to e-commerce manager and executive assistant. Knowing these behaviors, and the apps and sites they frequently use, enabled Ogury to pinpoint the audience to ensure the campaign reached the most motivated sole traders in the UK. 

Ogury delivered the campaign to sole traders using its proprietary method Ad Chooser to drive brand awareness with impactful fully on-screen videos. With Ad Chooser, the consumer can select their ad experience, which boosts their ability to remember the ad. 

Vodafone ad chooser

Ogury Ad Chooser


Thanks to Ogury’s solution, the campaign achieved an average VCR of 89% and viewability of 94%. Moreover, the campaign Impact Survey reported a 77% lift in ad recall among those who had seen the ad, indicating that it was memorable and had been delivered to the intended audience. 

Download Vodafone’s case study

Cordaid case study

Cordaid is an international values-based emergency relief and development organization. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Cordaid wanted to create a mobile advertising campaign that raised awareness of its message and encouraged mobile users to engage with a challenge based on Cordaid’s mission: Taking care of others. The challenge, designed by Cordaid, aimed to build long-lasting relationships with these mobile users. To achieve this, they needed a technology partner that could first, identify mobile users who were most likely to become donors, and secondly, reach them with an educational message that would drive qualified traffic to their registration page.

Together with Storm, part of Accenture, they partnered with Ogury to develop a two-phase mobile campaign. Ogury’s activation strategy drove qualified traffic to Cordaid’s registration page and provided powerful insights on their ideal audience profiles, which helped to inform their future advertising strategy.


For more than 100 years, Cordaid has been helping people who need it most. With the Coronavirus affecting people worldwide, donations are needed now more than ever. Hence, Cordaid wanted to run an awareness and lead generation campaign on mobile to inspire their key audiences to support others. To achieve this, they needed an advertising technology solution that would enable them to understand their key audiences’ profile and mobile behavior beyond their own website and reach them in a data-safe environment through engaging mobile ad formats.


Fueled by unique and reliable mobile data insights, Ogury enabled Cordaid to identify its main target audience of potential donors and reach them with a two-phase mobile advertising campaign. First, users were engaged with an innovative video ad format that drove awareness of the cause. Second, these users were shown a static ad format, encouraging them to participate in a five-day challenge to take care of others. Ogury continued to give Cordaid valuable insights after the campaign ended, through its post-campaign personas, which helped to inform their future mobile and targeting strategy.


The mobile video campaign achieved 78.2% Full-creative VCR, surpassing Ogury’s own benchmarks of 67%. The display ad format also scored a 6.2% CTR and an average time spent on the landing page of 168 seconds, demonstrating strong user engagement with the brand’s key message. Finally, the post-campaign personas helped the brand to refine its mobile activation strategy by identifying the most engaged audiences – based on demographics and interests.

We are very happy with the strategy deployed with Ogury and the results we achieved. We now have at our disposal extra key insights about a specific part of our audience that we would never have been able to access without their technology, Ogury Active Insights.

Stefanie Goddijn
Senior Online Strategist at Cordaid (Netherlands)

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Microsoft blog

As people continue to work and study from home in Italy, Microsoft wanted to showcase its new Microsoft Complete Protection plan. The tech giant had a precise target: students and families interested in buying a new personal computer.

Partnering with Ogury, Microsoft and its media agency, iProspect were able to reach the right audience with impactful CPC multi-format ad campaigns that lifted brand awareness. 


Microsoft wanted to showcase its new Microsoft Complete Protection plan, but it needed the right tech partner to find the most precise audience, drive awareness and retarget engaged users. Ogury helped Microsoft and iProspect to deliver effective CPC multi-format campaigns to students and families looking for a new computer on the main online marketplaces such as Amazon, Euronics, Mediamarkt and Unieuro. While generating brand awareness, Ogury re-engaged the mobile users who interacted with Microsoft’s ads.  


Ogury built a customized strategy to meet Microsoft’s needs. Thanks to Ogury Active Insights, Microsoft was able to leverage reliable mobile user and behavior data to identify the four audience clusters it wanted to reach: high and low spending students and families interested in buying personal computers at brick and mortar stores and online marketplaces. Ogury User Engagement was also used to create a series of CPC campaigns to deliver the advertising to these audiences. Ogury re-engaged the users who clicked on the ad with multi-format creatives (full-screen, MPU and banners), enabling them to get more information about the new Microsoft Complete Protection plan. 


This bespoke strategy, including the accuracy of the audiences identified and engaged, made this campaign a success, exceeding Microsoft’s KPIs. Thanks to the multi-format solution, the campaign achieved 4.6% CTR, 45.6% above benchmarks, and 90.8% Viewability, 6.4% above benchmarks.

The ability to meet our needs, identify, reach and attract our ideal audience, confirmed Ogury as an important and strategic partner for us, campaign after campaign. Its unique mobile user and behavior data and the strong targeting technology were exactly what we needed. For this reason, we chose Ogury as the only provider for the Microsoft Complete Protection plan campaign in Italy.

Michele Fazio
Windows Category Manager, Western Europe – South at Microsoft

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Pierre Fabre case study image

Pierre Fabre, a leading pharmaceutical brand in France, required a mobile-first campaign to promote its cough syrup during the cold season. It was looking for a data safe solution that would enable it to understand and reach its precise audience. Pierre Fabre also sought to create a high-impact mobile ad unit that would direct qualified traffic to its product page. Learn more below.


Pierre Fabre’s aimed to promote one of its best selling cough syrups, Naturactive, to gain consumer mindshare during the cold season. To maximize performance, Pierre Fabre sought to highlight two key strengths of its product: 1) it’s suitability for the whole family to attract parents with young children, and 2) the fact that its 100% natural, to reach organic-conscious consumers. 


Ogury Active Insights revealed the distinct characteristics of Pierre Fabre’s two main persona groups. This included demographics, user journeys across apps and websites and discriminant brands and interests. Ogury then activated its User Engagement Solution to deliver a recommendation format: a proprietary mobile ad that captures the audience’s interest by revealing a relevancy score at the top of the screen. 


By partnering with Ogury, Pierre Fabre identified its ideal consumer groups, and reach them with an engaging mobile ad campaign that achieved outstanding results. Users who viewed the ad demonstrated elevated levels of interest and engagement, with 10% of targeted users viewing the landing page for more than one minute and contributing to a CTR of 8.1%. 

Ogury’s non-intrusive formats allow us to attract our ideal customers, while creating a premium and compelling brand experience. Thanks to their technology we can reach our target audience in a brand and data safe environment.

Olivia Tahar
Media Manager, Pierre Fabre

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Visa case study header

Visa is well-known for facilitating the electronic transfer of funds worldwide, most commonly via credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. But, to stand out in Italy – a market known to favor cash transactions – Visa needed to increase brand awareness and find an innovative way to promote the use of its cards, particularly for small transactions.


A multinational financial services corporation, Visa is an established leader in facilitating card transactions globally. However, the company needed help to promote the use of cards in the Italian market. As such, Visa sought a technology company that could help identify and reach its ideal users across three specific audiences: reserved card purchasers, affluent card lovers and ambitious card payers.

Visa and Starcom Media were aware that mobile devices were key to reaching these specific audience groups, so they chose to partner with Ogury to deliver a mobile-specific campaign that would increase awareness of its brand and encourage the use of card transactions.


Through Ogury Active Insights, Visa was able to access reliable mobile user and behavior data to identify the three different audiences clusters it wanted to reach:

  • Reserved card purchasers – frequent card users for online and everyday shopping with an average income
  • Affluent card lovers – 65% male dominance, readily use credit cards, living in city centres and interested in the environment
  • Ambitious card payers – less than 30 years old, using credit cards for the first time

These were identified based on the affinities, likes and dislikes of the intended audience clusters across mobile apps used and sites visited.

Using Ogury User Engagement, a CPV campaign was created to deliver three different creativities to the determined audiences. Ogury then re-contacted the mobile users who watched the entire video, offering a full-screen CPC creative, enabling them to get more information about the advantages of having and using a Visa card.


The approach enabled Visa to create dedicated, relevant messages for each of its intended audience groups and connect with them successfully.

The video campaign attained a VCR of 94.9% (21% higher than Ogury’s Italian CPV campaign benchmark); 93% viewability (24.7% higher than Visa’s benchmark); and a Viewable Video Completion Rate (V2CR) of 88% (23.9% higher than Ogury’s campaign benchmark).

The display retargeting campaign reached a CTR of 10.2% (41% higher that Ogury’s Italian CPC campaign benchmark); 92% viewabillity (23.9% higher than Visa’s benchmark), and an exceptional 83% ad recall rate.

For Visa, Ogury represents a strategic partner for digital advertising and mobile activation. Thanks to Ogury’s unique and reliable insights, we have been able to reach our ideal audiences and achieve the objective of the campaign, with creativity. Attracting users with precise and granular data is essential, as it allows us to engage Visa cardholders on mobile effectively.

Matteo Brignoli,
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Visa

Download Visa’s case study

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ASUS, a leading global technology company, sought a solution to better understand its key consumer groups and deliver innovative mobile ad campaigns that would help drive qualified traffic to its retailers’ websites.

ASUS and its media agency My Media, partnered with Ogury to access unique, reliable mobile data insights to identify the idea consumers, and reach them with engaging mobile ad campaigns.


As an established consumer technology brand, ASUS has a wide range of products available. The brand needed help to uncover and engage its specific audience groups.

First, ASUS wanted to identify detailed persona profiles customized to each of its product verticals: gaming equipment, student computing and professional suite. And second, it wanted to engage these key audiences with compelling brand messages, that would increase traffic to its retailers’ websites. 

To achieve this, ASUS required an advertising technology solution that would enable it to understand and reach these ideal personas in a data-safe environment, and drive high-performance results through engaging mobile ad formats. 


ASUS and My Media partnered with Ogury to build three granular persona profiles that matched each of the brand’s key product verticals: eGamers, university students and B2B decision-makers. Using unique, reliable mobile data insights, Ogury analyzed user behavior and audience dynamics on the brand’s main retailers’ websites and apps (including Fnac, Darty and Boulanger). Ogury’s User Engagement solution was then used to deliver high-impact recommendation formats, before optimizing the campaign to site-centric KPIs to become the best performer among all ASUS’ activation partners.

Capitalizing on a long-term relationship and multiple activations, Ogury built unique reports that enabled the brand to inform its future ad strategy. Going beyond standard performance metrics, post-campaign Performer Profiles were provided to identify mobile users who engaged the most with the campaign. An impact survey was also delivered on an always-on approach to measure ad recall and provide unmatched visibility into campaign performance and impact. 


Running a total of 11 Ogury campaigns in 2019, ASUS was able to attract more than 7.1 million unique visitors to its product landing pages. A Performer Profile analysis run on Boulanger and La Fnac, two key retailer websites for ASUS, identified the most engaging profiles of each website and enabled a refined approach to the brand’s targeting strategies to be applied to future activations. This was one of the many key learnings that emerged from Ogury’s detailed activation reports. Through continuous efforts and strategy optimizations based on the impact survey and Performer Profiles, ASUS achieved up to 13.7% CTR. And one of the best performing campaigns achieved an average time spent on the landing page of 1min 40sec per user. 

The Ogury team provides us with excellent service and always successfully meets our marketing objectives. Performance-wise, Ogury delivers outstanding results on a regular basis, making it an important pillar in our communication campaign strategy. Furthermore, the granularity of its data also allows us to gain insightful information to better understand and address our target audiences. 

Jonathan Angel
Marketing and Communication Director, ASUS

Download ASUS’ case study

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, a global leader in premium lifestyle products, wanted to better understand the key characteristics and passion points of its customers. Understanding and activating Ogury insights enabled Ralph Lauren to implement a successful mobile strategy that increased both mobile site visits and brand awareness. Read on to learn the full results.


For over five decades, Ralph Lauren has been a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products. The consistent evolution of Ralph Lauren’s image requires on-going development of its target consumers. However, on mobile, the company was limited to insights from user behavior within its own apps and sites. Ralph Lauren needed to overcome this data gap, and understand what users were doing on their mobile phone outside of Ralph Lauren’s own ecosystem. 


To determine who Ralph Lauren should be attracting, they leveraged Ogury’s Active Insights to create several studies on mobile users who visited the Ralph Lauren mobile site and app. These studies revealed that: 

  • Visitors to the Ralph Lauren mobile site also frequented particular high-end competitor sites, and engaged with the jewelry and cosmetics category. Ogury created an interception strategy based on these affinity audiences. 
  • Mobile site visitors had a shared audience with Ralph Lauren distributors, such as Zalando and Galeries Lafayette. Ogury re-engaged visitors from Ralph Lauren’s site who also used distributor apps. 
  • Users who owned the Galeries Lafayette app over-indexed on the use of shopping, travel and fashion apps. Ogury proposed that Ralph Lauren invest in these categories that characterize the audience of Galeries Lafayette, a Ralph Lauren distributor.

Following these learnings, Ogury created a bespoke targeting profile based on a strong interception strategy and scaled it across France, UK and Germany. Ogury’s AI-powered User Affinity Engine then continuously learned, refined and expanded the criteria of users who were attracted to Ralph Lauren’s brand and engaged with the campaign.


This campaign was launched in two simultaneous waves, both with different objectives and creatives. The first of these was brand awareness, as measured through video completions. This was successfully achieved, with a VTR of 81.1%. The second objective of increased mobile site traffic was achieved via static assets, with a Click-ThroughRate (CTR) of 14.2% across the three territories.

Through partnering with Ogury, we are able to discover unique insights about our users’ behavior across mobile apps and websites. Due to Ogury’s ability to reveal the entire mobile user journey, we achieved our objective of driving continued quality brand awareness of Ralph Lauren. 

Alicia Castellana
Digital Media Senior Manager EMEA, Ralph Lauren

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