MAD//Fest 2022

July 5 - 7, 2022

Marketing, Advertising, Disruption. 

Ogury will be at MAD//Fest on July 5th – 7th  at the Old Truman Brewery, London.

In and amongst brands such as Boots, Burberry and Deliveroo, Ogury will be celebrating the 2022 theme: ‘No Guts, No Glory’.

To do this, Ogury’s own UK Country Director, Ossie Bayram, will be hosting a keynote session titled: Personification, Not Personalization 

About the session:

Personified Advertising allows marketers to deliver digital campaigns to individuals based on an in-depth knowledge of personas, NOT personal identity

Why? Because the days of relying on personal data are over: 

  • Consumers reject online tracking for advertising purposes;
  • Regulators’ mission is accelerating;
  • Identifiers and cookies are doomed.

As we witness a transformational change of the AdTech ecosystem, not all the forces at play will survive. To thrive, we must remember what advertising is about: providing a meaningful experience and lasting impression on consumers. 

How do we unite the art of Advertising with our hyper-digital future, while respecting consumers’ privacy? 

Come along and find out at the Hexagon Stage, MAD//Fest, Day 3 @ 11.45am.

View the full MAD//Fest agenda here

Not only are we speakers at the event, as official sponsors, the Ogury cabana entertainment this year will include a smoothie bike and a free phone charging stand. So swing by for a recharge or re-fuel as you sip on a smoothie or a cocktail made by yourself in the centre of MAD//Fest main marquee. 

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Foro Digital ADS Madrid

Foro Digital ADS

March 22, 2022

Ogury will participate in the 2022 edition of Foro Digital ADS, one of Spain’s most important gatherings about native advertising, SEO/SEM, mobile and digital creativity. 

Agency, developer and advertiser professionals will gather at Callao City Lights Plaza, Madrid on March 22 to share their knowledge and innovations in this booming sector.

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MMA Impact Germany 2022

February 16 - 17, 2022

How Volvo engaged the future automotive buyer in Europe with Ogury.

A new edition of MMA Impact Germany will take place virtually on Thursday, February 16th at 2:00pm CET.

Jan Heumüller, Managing Director DACH and Charlotte Diemer, Global Head of Insights at Ogury will talk about how the automotive industry is undergoing a rapid shift. 

And much like the advertising industry, change has been driven, in part, by consumers, who are demanding environmentally-friendly cars and mobility options. 

By attending this webinar you will discover how Ogury is helping its auto partners to find and engage the right audience in Europe, with examples from Volvo’s success in the German market.

The webinar will be in English.

AD Forecast 2021

October 20, 2021

Ogury participated in the fifth edition of the French conference AD Forecast, hosted by Bearing Point and CB Expert. Our CSO, Fabien Magalon, joined a roundtable to compare and contrast ideas on the new era of digital advertising alongside Webedia and TF1 Publicité.

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The AOP Publishing Tech Talk 2021

October 11 - 14, 2021

The AOP’s Publishing Tech Talk 2021 event cut through the plethora of general media and advertising tech solutions to focus on the tools and technologies that are designed specifically to support publishers.

The AOP’s Publishing Tech Talk 2021 saw Russell James, Senior Director of Publisher Development UK at Ogury, on stage to explain how Ogury can help publishers increase their advertising revenue while retaining users and providing a great experience through:
– Exclusive premium brand demand from global brands
– High CPMs and incremental revenue through non-intrusive and elegant formats
– Incremental revenue powered by Ogury white-label solutions

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Ratecard 1:1 Touquet 2021

June 29, 2021

Ogury participated in Ratecard 1:1 2021 at Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

With many publishers, media agencies and AdTech/MarTech vendors all in the same space, this two-day event focused on three key elements:

1/ 1:10 roundtable sessions
Our team participated in roundtable sessions to answer questions asked by participants on Ogury’s technology to discover how Ogury can help build the most effective monetization strategy.

2/ 1:1 business meetings
Our team met with publishers that were seeking more information on Ogury’s solution for publishers.

3/ Informal networking (meals and activities)
Our Ogurians participated in the activities planned by Ratecard’s events team to get to know the attendees better.

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MAD//Fest 2021

July 7, 2021

Ogury attended MAD//Fest 2021

Over 4,000 marketers gathered in a Shoreditch car park that was transformed into an al fresco summer garden (no conference halls in sight!).

Ogury will took to the stage on both days to deliver inspiring content:

How a 17th century French poet inspired the next chapter of digital advertising

Incomplete knowledge of an audience’s interests is leading to ineffective branding and wasted budget on ads that consumers bypass at every opportunity. Not ideal. Join Habenn to discover the principles needed to engage consumers and future-proof your mobile branding strategy.

What is personification and why should I care?

David & Thea will provide an insider’s view of personification and how brands can use it to build an effective mobile branding strategy. With practical insights and examples, you’ll learn why personification is the best way to reach consumers with reliable, legitimate and safe data at scale.

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La Nuit des Rois 2021

June 17, 2021

On June 17th, Ogury will participate in one of the most recognized award ceremonies in the French ad tech industry: La Nuit des Rois by Viuz. 

In partnership with IBM and Mindshare, we were among four shortlisted in the B2B Category. Stay tuned on June 17th to find out if we won the award! Register here to attend the live session for free.

Are you attending the event? Meet us and discover how advertisers working with Ogury benefit from fully-visible impactful ads, future-proof targeting and unwavering protection. Send a message to See you there!

Vertical Spotlight: Choice, protection and measurement

March 25, 2021

A new edition of the Vertical Spotlight series will take place on Thursday, March 25th at 11:00am CET

Ogury, in partnership with IAS Italy and Enel, invites you to learn the importance of a verifiable mobile strategy.

Why sign up?

In this virtual event, you will discover:

  • The most imminent challenges ad tech companies face today, including the transition to a cookie-less and ID-less ecosystem.
  • The importance of building a multi-country mobile strategy.
  • The importance of partnering with international ad tech companies to support brands to scale their strategies globally.

This Vertical Spotlight event will be in Italian.
Register to attend.

neon car

Vertical Spotlight: The Automotive Sector in France

February 23, 2021

This new edition of the Vertical Spotlight series premiered on February 23, 2021, 11:00am CET

Ogury, in partnership with the HUB Institute, invites you to learn how mobile can help automotive brands to better understand and respond to the new habits and expectations of today’s French consumers. You will also hear first-hand experience from two major brands from the automotive sector: Nissan and Kia.

Why sign up?

In this virtual event, you will discover:

  • The new behaviors and needs of today’s automotive buyer.
  • How to use mobile to engage with these consumers through captivating formats that protect the user experience.
  • How to optimize your campaigns to boost brand awareness among key consumers.

Click here to watch the replay of our Automotive Vertical Spotlight Event.