Vertical Spotlight: Choice, protection and measurement

March 25, 2021

A new edition of the Vertical Spotlight series will take place on Thursday, March 25th at 11:00am CET

Ogury, in partnership with IAS Italy and Enel, invites you to learn the importance of a verifiable mobile strategy.

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In this virtual event, you will discover:

  • The most imminent challenges ad tech companies face today, including the transition to a cookie-less and ID-less ecosystem.
  • The importance of building a multi-country mobile strategy.
  • The importance of partnering with international ad tech companies to support brands to scale their strategies globally.

This Vertical Spotlight event will be in Italian.
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neon car

Vertical Spotlight: The Automotive Sector in France

February 23, 2021

This new edition of the Vertical Spotlight series premiered on February 23, 2021, 11:00am CET

Ogury, in partnership with the HUB Institute, invites you to learn how mobile can help automotive brands to better understand and respond to the new habits and expectations of today’s French consumers. You will also hear first-hand experience from two major brands from the automotive sector: Nissan and Kia.

Why sign up?

In this virtual event, you will discover:

  • The new behaviors and needs of today’s automotive buyer.
  • How to use mobile to engage with these consumers through captivating formats that protect the user experience.
  • How to optimize your campaigns to boost brand awareness among key consumers.

Click here to watch the replay of our Automotive Vertical Spotlight Event.

Movember with Ogury

November 12, 2020

According to the Movember Foundation, on average, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day. During this time of uncertainty, we wanted to show our support to a special cause supporting men’s health and wellbeing.

Join our virtual event to hear from our special guests:

  • Daniel Rieber – Co-founder at Wevolve – who will share his top tips around mindfulness and selfcare in times of change
  • Michael Fischer – European Country Manager at Movember – who will shed a light on the movement

We look forward to discussing this important topic and learning how we can better support the men in our lives.

Watch the virtual event here.

Mobile Advertising Innovation: How to grow ad revenue, while enhancing user ad experience

July 7, 2020

Join us for a 20 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

In this virtual event, Jeremy Der, a PhD student in cognitive & human sciences and our Product Design Lead, will share his expert knowledge and provide you with his top tips on how to uncover a new revenue stream with the most innovative mobile ad formats while keeping your users happy.

Why should you sign up?

  • Tap into new revenue streams
  • Deliver the most appealing ads for mobile users
  • Generate the highest eCPMs and revenue per pixel 
  • Balance revenue optimisation while enhancing user ad experience
  • Access a live demo of Thumbnail Ads

Watch the replay.