Foro Digital ADS

March 30, 2023

On March 30th, the third edition of Foro Digital ADS will take place in Madrid. Hundreds of experts will meet to discuss news and trends from the ad world.

Don’t miss the Ogury team! Daniel Gozlan, Managing Director of Ogury Spain, and Maria Poo Trueba, Sales Manager, will unveil how to Continue to know your audiences in an ID-less world thanks to Ogury Personified Advertising

Foro Digital ADS Madrid

Foro Digital ADS

March 22, 2022

Ogury will participate in the 2022 edition of Foro Digital ADS, one of Spain’s most important gatherings about native advertising, SEO/SEM, mobile and digital creativity. 

Agency, developer and advertiser professionals will gather at Callao City Lights Plaza, Madrid on March 22 to share their knowledge and innovations in this booming sector.

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FOA Madrid 2020

September 22, 2020

Ogury will be sponsoring the virtual edition of The Future of Advertising 2020. The event is back in Madrid and it is ready to explore the new trends of the industry.

If you want to know more about Brand Safety, Ad Fraud and Data Safety, the three pillars of Brand Protection, register here and join us!

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Ogury Foro Digital Media

Foro Digital Media

May 21, 2019

On May 21 the V Foro Digital Media (previously Mobile Foro) will bring together professionals from the Digital Media sector in Madrid. The forum is aimed at Spanish Brands and Agencies seeking thought-provoking insight into the most innovative topics in advertising and communication. This year’s discussions include how advertising has changed and so the users, the newest trends in programmatic creativity, how online and offline can merge together, new challenges and opportunities coming from 5G technology.

At 11 AM Antonio Pajón Gómez, Programmatic Sales Director at Ogury Spain, will talk about “Current and Future Trends in Mobile Marketing”.

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Ogury Foro Publicidad Programática

Foro Publicidad Programática

March 19, 2019

La Publicidad celebrated, with a great success of attendance, the V Forum of Programmatic Advertising in Madrid. More than 800 people filled the auditorium to learn about the latest programming news from the best professionals. The event also had a great follow-up on social networks, and the hashtag #ForoProgramática was trending throughout the morning placing itself in the second position.

The forum was divided into three parts. The first one focused on putting on the table all the challenges of the future that companies are working on. Then came perhaps the most technical part of the event with the development of new platforms that are being made in the market. Closing the round of talks came the block of the long-awaited CASES STUDIES, which intervened: Infinia, Carat, IAS, Ogury, Havas Group and Xaxis.

Antonio Pajón Gómez, Head of Programmatic, spoke about how engaging with ideal audiences based on true behaviors and interests, reaps unmatched ROI.

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Ogury Foro Big Data Spain

V Foro BIG DATA Spain

April 25, 2019

On April 25th, Ogury attended the V Foro Big Data & RGPD in Madrid. Organized by La Publicidad, this is the main event about big data industry that gathers professionals from advertising and communication sectors.

The goal is to talk about the use and respect of data in advertising according to GDPR regulation, by showing case studies. This is what Antonio Pajón, Programmatic Sales Director at Ogury Spain, did on the stage with his speech titled “How Consented Data Fuels Marketing Strategies”. Here Antonio presented Ogury’s MJM solutions, how we collect and use data, with two successful campaigns.

More than 800 people joined the event, mainly aimed at agencies, developers and advertisers who want to know and get up to date on these issues. V Foro Big Data is the second event of La Publicidad, after Foro Publicidad Programática (March 19) and before Foro Digital Media (May 29).

Have a question Antonio? Reach out to him here.