Although the exact date is not yet known, in the second half of 2024 Google will eliminate cookies and IDs for advertising purposes thus marking, the end of advertising tracking based on personal identification. To prepare for this “ADmageddon” of cookies, brands are being called upon to start a transition to completely cookieless and ID-less technologies.

With a plethora of cookieless solutions ranging from unified IDs to contextual, semantic, and cohorts-based targeting, brands are struggling to find their bearings and initiate the transition to technologies that are completely independent of cookies and IDs.

Here are four tips to get ready for the cookieless countdown.

Cookies and ad IDs are disappearing from the scene. Although marketers have been using them for more than a decade to tailor ads to consumers, they will soon be banned for apps and websites. Some still don’t want to admit it, stressing that Google has once again postponed the elimination of third-party cookies. But the message is clear and the race for alternative solutions for targeted online advertising is definitely on.

In a previous post written by my colleague Thomas Pasquet, he posited that the era of personalized advertising would give way to the era of personified advertising, a much more salutary ecosystem where consumer privacy is paramount and brand marketers move beyond their unhealthy reliance on third-party cookies and other forms of digital identifiers. These device IDs are code that store personal information about individual consumers, logging their every move on the digital Web.

In this role, Barfuss will strengthen awareness and adoption of Ogury’s unique offering and technology – the most evolved solution for a world without cookies and identifiers – on a global scale.

At Ogury, Barfuss will lead and execute the company’s strategic vision, overseeing and centralizing the global brand, field, and product marketing and communications teams.

Ogury appoints Emily Barfuss as CMO. She will drive the company’s global brand strategy. She will oversee the global brand, field, and product marketing and communications teams.

Ogury, a specialist in personified advertising, has announced the appointment of Emily Barfuss as Chief Marketing Officer.

At Ogury, she will report to Geoffroy Martin, CEO at Ogury, and be part of the company’s executive committee.

“I’m thrilled to join Ogury’s leadership team and play a part in executing the company’s unique vision for the future of the advertising industry,” she says

In its cookieless and ID-less shift adopted in 2020, Ogury allows brands to free themselves from ad trackers while having much more granular targeting capabilities than context-only approaches.

They’ve coined a new term in a market already full of jargon and technologies that are constantly reinventing themselves: Ogury, a mobile adtech platform, now defends the principle of “personified advertising” as opposed to personalized advertising. A 100% cookieless device. But what exactly does it consist of? In two words, it’s about displaying the brand’s campaigns only in the contexts where its targets are going to consume content and with a major difference: the targets are no longer individuals tracked by trackers, but personae.


Ogury, that now operates worldwide has developed technology that eliminates the need to track the data of individual users.

There is a growing need for all of us to have an increasingly mature and conscious relationship with tools, sources, and sites we visit using the Internet every day. An awareness that especially concerns the treatment of our personal data and the ability of systems to offer us content that interests us, especially when it comes to advertising.