The Power of Attention on Mobile

The power of attention on mobile

April 1, 2022


That’s the number of ads consumers are exposed to each day.

But being exposed to an ad doesn’t mean paying attention to it.

Attention is the key to any meaningful advertising, particularly on mobile.

We partnered with Lumen Research – the leading tech company in attention measurement – to see how much attention Ogury’s mobile ad formats generate and the effect on brand recall. 

Download The Power of Attention on Mobile to find out more.

Download "The Power of Attention on Mobile

In this study, you’ll learn: 

  • How to gain and keep attention on your ads
  • The relationship between attention and brand recall
  • How much attention the most innovative formats can generate in-app and on mobile web

Learn how to connect with people and drive measurable impact.

A sneak peek into the findings:

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Woman wearing VR headset

How to win the gaming audience

November 29, 2021

The face of gaming has changed. Globally, the audience has diversified by gender, age and motivation for gaming.

While some audiences spend over 15 hours a week gaming, following the others are seeking escape and solace from the daily grind.

The industry is worth $175.8 billion in 2021, and is set to grow. But, with distinct differences between gaming audiences, marketers must discover the nuances of each to reach them with relevant brand messages.

Gamers decoded insights

In this “Gamers Decoded” eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The mobile behaviors of gamers across seven geographies.
  • How to reach gamer audiences with a targeted and relevant messaging.
  • The metrics to measure to ensure accurate campaign reporting.

Countries analyzed: AU | DE | ES | FR | IN | JP | UK

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The Age of Personified Advertising

September 13, 2021

As a dark cloud of uncertainty moves over the digital advertising space, industry veterans are scrambling to find solutions to the market’s demands for user privacy. 

How do advertisers implement an AdTech solution that maintains respect for consumers and drives superior performance? 

We have heard the cries for a breakthrough solution to lead the future of advertising, and have answered with Personified Advertising.

The days of personalized advertising are numbered. Targeting consumers individually is no longer a sustainable model. Instead, they should be engaging groups with similar interests at scale. 

Despite the uncertainty facing many industry players, we stand firm at Ogury as we confidently stride into the new age of digital advertising. For more information on how you can become a digital champion in this bold new era, download our latest White Paper, The Age of Personified Advertising.

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neon car

Engage the future automotive buyer

June 28, 2021

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid shift, driven in part by the consumer.

Consumers have become increasingly focused on not only their own environmental footprint, but also that of the brands they purchase from. This philosophy also applies to the automotive industry.

Changing consumer preferences, governmental incentives and tightening emission rules have caused the manufacture and adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles to gather speed. 

These changes are forcing automakers to shift gears now. Ogury has published “Engage the future automotive buyer in Europe” and “Automotive Trends and Predictions U.S.,” to help marketers tap into this growing electric and hybrid vehicle market, with a deep understanding of the interests and behaviors of potential buyers. 

They reveal the differences between electric vehicle and hybrid prospects within each geography, as well as tips to build a future-proof mobile branding strategy. 

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Julien Rollos

Julien Rollos

Head of Automotive

CPG Ebooks Header

What’s ahead for the consumer packaged goods industry?

May 25, 2021

Consumers continue to rely on digital for their CPG purchases in 2021. As the needs of these consumers change, these eBooks reveal insights into their unique behaviors and trends to influence brand marketers’ strategies.

Available for U.S. and U.K. markets.

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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods U.K.

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry worldwide experienced a tale of two halves in 2020. While sales from physical stores were curtailed, online and omnichannel shopping presented a lifeline for many brands. 

This trend has continued in 2021, but it’s crucial for marketers to understand their shopper’s evolving behaviors to tailor their strategies and reach them effectively. 

This eBook reveals:

  • The key trends shaping the U.K. FMCG industry in 2021.



  • The changing needs and interests of FMCG consumers.



  • Industry predictions to set brand marketers ahead of the curve.


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Consumer Packaged Goods U.S.

The CPG industry has evolved rapidly to meet the changing shopper behaviors which are set to continue progressing.

As digital media consumption and digital commerce continue to fluctuate, it’s important for marketers to understand their shopper’s evolving behaviors.

This eBook reveals:

  • What motivates the omnichannel shopper to transact.
  • How CPG shopper behaviors have developed in Q1, 2021.
  • Which CPG categories outside of grocery will present opportunities to marketers.

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How to Succeed in Singapore’s Wellness Market

July 28, 2020

In 2020, the healthcare market in Singapore is set to be worth almost $30 billion by the end of the year.* 

For brands eager to tap into this upsurge of interest in wellness effectively, it is vital to obtain insights on consumer attitudes and behaviors. Especially on mobile.

Download this whitepaper brought to you by Havas Group Singapore and Ogury to learn how to activate the personas we have uncovered. 

Gain access to:

  • The different types of wellness consumer personas available in Singapore and how to engage with them.
  • Unique data-based insights into the wellness behaviors, aspirations, and choices of key demographics in Singapore.
  • Everything you need to know in order to design your optimum wellness advertising strategy and achieve a competitive advantage.


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An Introduction to Advertising Driven by User Choice

February 4, 2020

Some say it’s the biggest shift in digital advertising since the creation of the internet.

It’s not big data. It’s not AI. It’s not another fancy format. 

It’s much more important than all of that. 

What is it?

It’s a new and different approach to digital advertising.

It puts user choice and consent at the heart of all technology and ad execution. 

It’s privacy compliant by design.

And it’s being widely adopted by many of the biggest brands in the world, to deliver industry-leading performance, while ensuring data safety and brand safety, in a fraud-free environment. 

It’s called Choice Driven Advertising.

We’ve just released an exclusive digital book that gives you a perfect overview and introduction to advertising driven by user choice.

In our Introduction to Advertising Driven by User Choice, you will discover;

  • The fundamental shift that’s transforming digital advertising as we know it 
  • Why this shift is occurring now
  • Why it’s so important to organizations today
  • And how to overcome the obstacles that block your ability to respond


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The Reality Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing 2019

September 4, 2019

165. Billion. Dollars.

As marketers, we are set to spend a record amount on mobile ads in 2019.

But when 90% of consumers say they find targeted mobile advertising ‘annoying’, that’s a sizable concern. 

It’s just one finding from asking 287,000 real people for their opinions on mobile marketing, advertising, and data privacy.

The world’s largest consumer research of its kind…

The Reality Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Mobile Marketing 2019.

What’s inside the report?

  • 35 pages of facts, statistics, and analysis of how consumers really feel about mobile marketing, advertising, and data privacy.
  • The opinions of well over a quarter of a million consumers from six countries; USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
  • Evidence that it’s time to give consumers a fair value exchange for their data, and evolve the industry from ‘data-driven’ to ‘choice-first’.

You’ve put a lot of effort and budget into securing the attention of your consumers on mobile. 

Now, you can get a real understanding of how they feel about your advertising.


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