Can Targeting Truly Be ID-Free? Q&A with Anthony Flaccavento, General Manager Americas, Ogury

April 10, 2024

The ad tech industry must break free of third-party cookies to comply with newly enacted privacy laws. The buy side, sell side, and their tech partners are testing different approaches to build a privacy-first advertising ecosystem that reaches the right audiences. Some companies like Ogury are implementing new strategies before full cookie deprecation to keep making strides without missing a step. We spoke with Anthony Flaccavento, General Manager Americas for Ogury, an ad tech company focused on privacy-safe targeting of personas rather than specific people, about how the company is tackling the cookieless problem. Flaccavento shared some thoughts about getting prepared to go cookieless (even if Google delays deprecation again), thriving without cookies, and what Ogury sees as the future of successful targeting.

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