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Fully on-screen, engaging mobile formats.

Thumbnail Ad

Video | Display | In-app | In-web

Thumbnail Ad is the world's first mobile-native, non full-screen format. An elegant format that users can drag, it delivers the performance you need without requiring a full screen.

Header Ad

Video | Display | In-web

Header Ad is a premium mobile-native format that blends elegantly in the page header. It performs well in content-based sites and engages consumers without disrupting content consumption.

Ad Chooser

Video | In-app

Ad Chooser provides users with a choice of which ad they want to watch. You only pay when your ad is selected. And, you benefit from increased ad engagement and 300% memorability uplift.

Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser

Video | In-app

Buy out all slots with Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser and provide users with a choice over which of your ad experiences they prefer.

  • Video
  • Display
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Top & Bottom Skin
  • Endcard

Full-screen Ad

Video | Display | In-app

Grab user attention with the most impactful, premium and viewable format on mobile. Attractive skins and customization options are available for video to maximize brand impact and user engagement.

Brand Spotlight

Rich media | In-app

A rich media display ad that attracts users by inviting them to interact with your brand. Drive awareness with attractive lifestyle imagery and over 6% engagement rate.

2x the market performance in Fully On-Screen Rate for 50% Duration

What's the point of measuring VCR for videos that are partially in-view or even playing off-screen?

Accurately measured with Open Measurement compliant inventory.

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Personification data at scale.



Ogury augments best-in-class contextual and semantic data, with our powerful and unique audience data at scale.

Ogury’s audience data gives a deep understanding of publishers’ audiences behaviors and accurate insights into their interests. It is founded on seven years of unique proprietary mobile journey data and continually validated and enriched with:

  • Self-declared audience data from survey responses at scale.
  • Self-targeting audience data from user ad choices and interactions.

This integrated dataset uniquely qualifies the audiences of millions of apps and web pages. It is not linked to the user and, as such, ensures complete consumer privacy and data safety.

Powerful visual insights.

Ogury's unparalleled personification dataset, brought to life and made directly actionable to you at every moment of your advertising campaign.

Custom audience qualification survey

Sharpen audience understanding and reach by asking your own custom question to qualify bespoke audiences.

Survey results directly feed pre-campaign insights and campaign targeting.

Custom persona

Easily and flexibly define the audience you want to understand and reach on mobile. Uncover the demographic breakdown and discriminant interests of your audience. Directly activate insights for precise audience reach.

Market insights

Don't have a clearly defined target audience in mind? Access a catalogue of vertical and demographic insights, proven to deliver results and ready to be activated.

Post-campaign persona

Uncover the demographics and interests of the audience that engaged most with your campaign. Unique insights to inform future strategy for sustained audience engagement.

Impact survey

Ascertain if the audience who interacted with a campaign paid real attention with ad recall measurement provided as standard. Prove your campaign strategy worked.

Creative choice report

Understand the creative choices, engagement rate and memorability of your video ads within Brand Exclusive Ad Chooser. Insights can be used to inform creative decisions for larger video campaigns.

Proprietary personified targeting.

Smart-matching scores audience for precision and reach.

Ogury’s unparalleled personification data uncovers the audience attributes of raw impressions. An ultimate layer of brand protection ensures that each impression is fraud‑free and brand safe. The result is Valid Personified Impressions at scale. These are scored and smart-matched against advertisers’ campaign persona attributes.

Ogury personified targeting is optimized based on two criteria:

  • The personified impressions attributes match the campaign persona’s characteristics.
  • The impression contributes to the campaign performance objectives.

Real-time learning from each served impression ensures ever-increasing relevancy, driving superior campaign performance anchored in consumer privacy protection.

Exclusive cost-effective inventory.

Direct SDK and Tag integrations | No intermediary fees | High quality and safe placements across app and web | Validated against fraud

Comprehensive brand protection.

Ogury protects your brand from unsafe and toxic data, inappropriate content and all types of fraud. We only use self-declared or non-personal data, in total respect of consumer privacy.

We apply pre-bid fraud avoidance technology on each impression. Ogury serves ads in a network of brand safe, carefully vetted publishers.

We also ensure that viewability is measurable on 100% of your impressions with the largest OMID compliant in-app inventory.

Seamless scale across managed and programmatic.

However you prefer to operate, our targeting scales across OMID compliant inventory and optimizes for results. Seamlessly extend your trading environment with your preferred DSP, or work with our team to generate the perfect PMP.

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