Build a brand
the world chooses.

With impactful mobile branding experiences,
driven by user choice.

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Ogury Advertising Engine
provides you with...


Based on explicit and
unambiguous user choice.


Driven by
attractive and interactive ads.


Ads to
humans in intended environment.

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Branding campaigns
based on traceable and
trusted user consent.
No uncertainty. No toxic data. No putting your
brand at risk.
Consumers are given a clear and fair choice
about the data they share and their ad
experience. Their choices are respected, your
campaigns are highly effective and compliant
with GDPR and CCPA.
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A reliable understanding of the mobile user and their journey.

The mobile user journey goes beyond your
own apps and websites. Ogury generates data
for millions of consented users across their
mobile journey. You can now visualize and uncover
unique insights on your brand,
your target audience and your campaigns.

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User-focused experiences
for high impact branding.

Ogury offers you an innovative range of video, rich media and
display formats. Driving industry leading engagement, performance
and brand awareness, without compromising data safety.

Choice driven ads to make
your brand memorable.

Unique choice driven formats provide the ultimate in brand awareness.
They drive 300% lift in brand recall and harness a cognitive human bias
known as Choice Supportive. Your brand will be remembered for longer
and your ads generate higher engagement.

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Video Chooser

Users select the ad they wish to view from
three relevant brands. Your video ad is then
viewed by people who want to watch it.

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Brand Exclusive Video Chooser

Enables you to buy out all slots on one
screen. Users then select one of your brand
experiences and watch the selected ad.

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Thumbnail Ad

Thumbnail Ad is the world’s first mobile-native,
non full-screen format. A discrete format that's draggable
by the user, and delivers the video performance
you need without requiring a full screen.

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An accurate knowledge
of the performance and
impact of your campaign.

Ogury offers you an innovative range of video, rich media and
display formats. Driving industry leading engagement, performance
and brand awareness, without compromising data safety.

Performer profile

Understand not just how your campaign
performed, but who drove the performance.

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Impact survey

Uncover the memorability of
your campaign.

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Data safety at
the heart of your
campaign delivery.
Brand safe inventory and fraud free traffic are
essential for campaign execution. Ogury takes
these very seriously. Today, there are
considerably bigger legal, financial and
reputational risks associated with using data
that’s been taken without explicit consent of
the user: aka toxic data. Only Ogury puts data
safety at the heart of your campaign delivery.
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Seamless scale across managed and programmatic.
However you prefer to operate, our targeting scales across OMID compliant inventory, and optimizes for results. Seamlessly extend your trading environment with your preferred DSP, or work with our team to generate the perfect PMP.
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A Global Company Trusted
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Brands witnessing the results
of choice-driven advertising.

"1 million+ completed video views from consented users and 7x higher engagement than industry average."

Jorma Kremser, Global Media Manager


"Ogury represents a strategic partner for digital advertising and mobile activation. We reach our ideal audiences and achieve the objectives with creativity."

Matteo Brignoli, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Visa


"Performance-wise, Ogury delivers outstanding results on a regular basis, making it an important pillar in our communication campaign strategy."

Jonathan Angel, Marketing and Communication Director at ASUS


What is advertising driven
by user choice?

Discover everything you need to know about the shift
that’s transforming digital advertising as we know it,
and how you can respond.