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Ogury provides publishers with the integrated data and technology necessary to manage user consent, gain precious insights and optimize the monetization of mobile assets.

User trust, competitive insights and increased revenue.

Optimize your revenue, give users the choice to share their data or pay for content, and get precious visual insights to transform your mobile monetization strategy. All with one SDK.

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Provide users with choice and control, to establish trust.

Serve a clear and simple consent notice to all users. Give them the opportunity to share data in exchange for access to your content, and a relevant ad experience. Withhold data and receive irrelevant ads, or the opportunity to pay for content, without sharing their data or receiving any ads. They choose and remain in control.

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Understand every user, and their mobile journey.

Mobile user journeys are as individual as fingerprints, revealing the human behind the screen. Ogury’s unique mobile user data, covering 400m mobile profiles, enables publishers to see far beyond the data within their own apps and websites.

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Monitor competitors’ performance. Uncover actionable insights.

Tap into Ogury’s unique mobile user journey data with visual insights. Monitor the performance of any app that matters to you and benchmark against your own. Understand how users engage with your competitors and behave across all apps. Identify ideal users and new audiences for your app. Activate your findings.

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Optimize revenue automatically with AI, while keeping users engaged.

One SDK, powered by unique data and AI, makes complex monetization simple for you and valuable for your users. With a deep understanding of user behaviour, it selects and serves the most relevant ad available in the market for every specific user, in real-time. Providing a seamless experience, 6x average industry CPM, 100% fill rates, and ARPU increases of up to 150%.

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Some of the publishers that trust Ogury.

Publisher Success: See how IsCool Entertainment...

Simplified its previously complex monetization through integrating just one SDK

Increased overall ARPDAU by 31%

Tripled its daily ad revenue across its app portfolio

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"Ogury's bespoke ad-units deliver the best experience to our users, with higher returns for us. This means we can focus on less ads but with higher impact and more revenue."

David Weetman

Commercial Director, Mapway