Increase ad revenue
and ensure data compliance.

With monetization and consent management
technology, optimized for advertising results.

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Top CPMs with demand
exclusively from
premium brands.

Ogury pays one of the highest CPMs in the
industry, alongside strong fill rates. Your
revenue is increased with ads exclusively from
premium brands.

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Retain users with
high ad quality.

Serving low quality ads causes users to churn.
Particularly for gaming apps, who often end up
advertising their competitors. Ogury’s premium
demand is proven to reduce user churn by 8x
compared to industry average.

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Attractive ad formats for a
great user experience.

Mobile-first, Ogury ad formats are optimized for advertising results
in-app. Our proprietary Thumbnail Ad unit delivers 100% incremental
revenue. While full-screen, MPU and Small Banner ads bring premium
brand demand to your traditional waterfalls.

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Access 100%
incremental revenue
with Thumbnail Ad.

The first non full-screen mobile native format.
A discrete, ephemeral format that appears in a
precise location within your app. Draggable by
the user, Thumbnail Ad is less intrusive than
traditional formats, whilst delivering the same
performance as full-screen.

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Supported by all major mediations.

Simple and easy to integrate.

Consent and preference
management, optimized
for advertising results.
Ogury Choice Manager is the only Consent and
Preference Management Platform with over 5
years track record. Designed and optimised for
publishers wanting to be compliant while
sustaining revenue growth.
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A global company trusted
by global brands and publishers.

Publishers enjoying the rewards of
choice driven digital advertising.

"We were drawn to Thumbnail Ad because it’s an ad unit built specifically for mobile. It offers top CPMs from premium brands, yet does not interrupt our users’ interactions with our app."

Alex Scissors, Director of Monetization


"3x increase in daily ad revenue! Working with Ogury has revolutionized how we monetize our mobile assets."

Hadrian des Rotours, CEO


"Ogury is a top-performing partner. Their monetization solution is ideal for publishers who want to monetize their global inventory with premium brands."

David Ribeiro, User Acquisition and Monetization Team Lead